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10 Fabulous American Fashion YouTubers

Are you ready to update your look, but your wardrobe isn’t? This list has you covered.

YouTube is full of fashion guidance and features bloggers with different body types, budgets, and styles. Most of the videos on the top fashion channels are short and sweet which makes them easy to follow and implement while getting dressed.

Below are ten American fashion YouTubers that will make you a fashion expert.

Tess Christine

This 29-year-old influencer blends her Midwest roots with city-style on her self-titled channel. Tess effortlessly works neutral basics with trendy pieces to help build a capsule collection that radiates girl-next-door. Her content shows that you can wear sneakers and mini dresses every season.

Want to get a jump start copying her wardrobe? Check out her newly formed clothing brand, “Backyard Roses”.

  • Location: New York, New York
  • Videos: 436
  • Subscribers: 2,380,000

Mel Joy

This 21-year-old from L.A. epitomizes California cool, mixing in her glamourous makeup looks with laid back style. Need 100 different ways to style your zip hoodie from high school? You’re on the right page, as most of her content is for a younger audience with posts such as “The First Week of School // Outfit Ideas”. Check out her latest video here for some budget-friendly updates that work at any age.

  • Location: Los Angeles, California
  • Videos: 228
  • Subscribers: 1,280,000

Loey Lane

Loey is a Southern Belle, originating from Georgia, who gives the plus-size community fashion content to be inspired by. She is a huge promoter of body-positivity and provides eclectic looks on her YouTube channel nearly twice a week.

  • Location: Kansas
  • Videos: 1,126
  • Subscribers: 2,120,000

AlexaSunshine83 — Alexa Hollander

Alexa Hollander, a 26-year-old YouTuber from California, shows her fan base the treasures of thrifting. This sustainability advocate adds fashion videos monthly to inspire her viewers to do their part in saving the planet. Through creating looks with past treasures, she curbs the appeal of always needing something new to follow a trend. Want some clues on what to look for? Check out her video that got 1.2 million hits, “A Beginners Guide to Thrifting in 2020

  • Location: California
  • Videos: 231
  • Subscribers: 236,000

BestDressed – Ashley

The title of this YouTube page should say it all. The account is authored by a rather anonymous self-described “20 something living in NYC” named Ashley. In most of her videos, she uses the allure of a small wardrobe to create multiple looks. Her naturally preppy style, matched with her small frame, make her an easy inspiration for the petite woman. Have ten minutes before work? She can show you “30 Fall Outfit Ideas” before you’re out the door.

  • Location: New York, New York
  • Videos: 205
  • Subscribers: 3,360,000

Pockets and Bows — Brittany Coleman

Brittany Coleman is an up and coming creator that presents the latest luxury pieces and how to style them. She also has a knack for creating outfits that look expensive but without a high price tag. The channel updates weekly with new insider tricks and hauls, coupled with honest feedback. Interested in luxury? Take note of her latest video where she opens a new Chanel bag that’s worth saving up for.

  • Location: Nashville, TN
  • Videos: 370
  • Subscribers: 93,000

Ava Jules

Living in a sunnier climate? No worries! Ava Jules has you covered. This Hawaii native posts content weekly that is sure to dazzle on tropical beaches. Who knew there was so much variety when it came to jean shorts? If anything, you can scroll her YouTube channel just to daydream about your next vacation. The 19-year-old’s outfit combinations can also be seen in an original web series, “On the Ropes”, where she co-stars.

  • Location: Oahu, Hawaii
  • Videos: 333
  • Subscribers: 1,450,000

Brittany Nicole

The channel by the same name features budget-friendly clothing hauls for the “everyday college student”. Brittany tries on the most popular brands among co-eds, such as Zaful, Pretty Little Thing, and FashionNova. Her page is full of body-contouring dresses and two pieces that flatter a socially active woman with an hourglass frame.

  • Location: Washington D.C.
  • Videos: 110
  • Subscribers: 141,000

Ashley Brooke

This channel presents the ultimate city girl aesthetic. Ashley creates fashion videos that are appropriate for a professional woman with a new work-from-home schedule. Her most popular videos teach her viewers how to style a particular item in their closet such as “5 Simple ways to style straight leg jeans.”

Want more Ashley? The former model owns her own magazine “Fifth Floor” which details more of her valuable tips.

  • Location: New York, New York
  • Videos: 546
  • Subscribers: 466,000

Carli Bybel

Carli is one of the most familiar beauty and fashion faces on the channel. She has been an influencer since the beginning of YouTube’s entrance into the beauty industry, starting in 2011. Landing contracts with beauty brand Anastasia Beverly Hills and fashion brand Misguided, the 29-year-old owns her spot as having the most subscribers on this list. She also runs a fashion Instagram account with nearly 2 million followers.

  • Location: New Jersey
  • Videos: 584
  • Subscribers: 6,170,000


There you have it, ten American Fashion YouTubers that are creating new content this season. YouTube vloggers are a great way to interact with your favorite brands and see how looks are styled both on and off the runway. With major fashion houses altering their buy, watching these bloggers is a great way to make sure you stay current with the trends.

Although, we all have favorite pieces we gravitate towards in our closet, it’s never too late to add new items that you feel confident. It’s also very helpful to find vloggers with your taste and body type, that way you know what silhouettes work best.

Play with your style after watching some of these videos and you might find yourself on the list next.

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