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Best Beauty YouTubers Over 40

Do you think as you get older, your beauty starts to fade? Well, the ladies we’ll be reviewing will prove you dead wrong. Beauty today isn’t just for the young and spry! Nowadays with the internet and YouTube, the tricks of the trade are being unveiled. See for yourself all that these beauty YouTubers have to offer in tips for skincare, makeup, outfits, haircare and more!

HotandFlashy — Angela Wright

Angela loves to show different types of makeup tutorials, skincare and product reviews on her channel. Angela’s target audience is the beauty community that is around 40 years old. She has not only accomplished to pull in 790k subscribers, she has also made her own accomplished blog page. The HotandFlashy blog shows you even more content to look through that isn’t on her YouTube channel.

She does this so that you can always find a skincare routine that works for you or a cute outfit idea for a night out.

She has a fun and spunky personality you that can’t help but to watch. Under her product review videos, Angela will always link the product, making it easy to find and buy.

One of my favorite videos from Angela is ‘5 Best “Bangs For Your Buck” Skincare Products’ where she shows the best skincare products that won’t break the bank.

  • Location: Dallas, Texas
  • Age: 59
  • Subscribers: 790,000
  • Videos: 808

Beauty101byLisa — Lisa Maynard

Lisa’s focuses her channel on skincare, makeup tutorials and workout routines for those in their 40’s. She piques the interest of her audience by showing the accomplishments that she has earned along the way. Lisa just worked her way to her second brand-new Lexus car that she purchased with her YouTube income.

She works hard and tries to put out videos at least twice a week. She wants your skin to look nice and also feel fresh and clean. She really shows this in her video Soft Youthful Makeup – OVER 40 . Lisa inspires her audience not just from her outside appearance, but from the inside too with her loving, and warm heart.

I love Lisa’s channel because she is so open about her personal life on YouTube. She has put videos up about her divorce and other personal problems. Being open with the world on real life struggles is sometimes hard. Lisa has overcome this and now has an entire list of videos up just on how to help with healing when feeling broken and ways she has coped with her issues.

Her audience truly loves how sweet she is and how she is always trying to help in any way she possibly can.

  • Location: Marlborough, CT
  • Age: 51
  • Subscribers: 183,000
  • Videos: 292

Marnie Goldberg — Marnie Goldberg

Marnie shows off in her outfits of the day, makeup tutorials, hair care, skin care and much more. She relates to her subscribers because she is a stay at home mom. Sometimes she’s in a rush juggling her family, budgeting and work; that’s why she created quick beauty tips on the go.

I love how she shows that she doesn’t always have have it all together but doesn’t stress about it. She shows that you don’t have to have the perfect life to inspire others and be successful.

Marnie’s styles can be pulled off by anyone! One of my favorite videos is “Seven Fall Amazon Fashion Outfits.” The several outfits she tries on in the video are perfect and would look great on anyone.

  • Location: San Antonio, TX
  • Age: 47
  • Subscribers: 120,000
  • Videos: 1,814

Risa Does Makeup — Risa Hirako

Risa has been a makeup artist for over 20 years. She started her makeup artist journey in 1996 working for Laura Mercier Cosmetics. She has a huge impact on her audience and the beauty community all around the world. She’s done this by showing her hard work, dedication, and that you can get wherever you want to be in life. She started from the bottom of the beauty community food chain and has worked her way up in different large brands, including Georgio Armani, doing makeup.

Now since her YouTube channel has taken off, she puts out videos on her channel for a living. In her video “5 PRO MAKEUP ARTIST’S BEST TIPS AND TRICKS REVEALED!” she unveils some of the profession tricks that she’s learned through her years of practice. On her channel she likes to review the latest makeup in the industry. Every month she will put out a video regarding new makeup that has just come out.

She has also been sharing about her journey with intermittent fasting. Risa shows with practice that you could also become a beauty guru yourself.

  • Location: Las Vegas, NV
  • Age: 45
  • Subscribers: 192,000
  • Videos: 549

Stephanie Marie — Stephanie Marie

Stephanie Marie has a unique and inspiring beauty channel. Stephanie does the work of buying the expensive products that you are not 100% sure on and tests them to see if they are truly worth it. Stephanie tries to give her subscribers a budget friendly way to stay beautiful. On her channel, the playlist “Drugstore Reviews & Looks” goes over budget friendly makeup.

She can also help you find the perfect outfit from a clothing site she recommends with her “Stitchfix Unboxings” playlist.

On Stephanie’s channel, she not only shows beauty tips but also focuses on health and wellness. She uploads videos on what she eats in a day and workout tutorials. Beauty is found everywhere with Stephanie. She cares that not only can you see tips and tricks, but that you can also afford them.

  • Location: New Orleans, LA
  • Age: 45
  • Subscribers: 157,000
  • Videos- 534

Beauty Beyond 40 — Trina Albus

On Trina’s channel, she discusses skin care health. She believes with proper skin care you won’t need expensive makeup or Botox to cover up wrinkles and dark circles as they will no longer exist. One technique Trina uses to avoid this is face yoga which you can see in this video. Not only can you entertain yourself with the funny faces you make, but face yoga is an easy way to keep your face looking younger naturally. You can do it anywhere, anytime and anyplace.

Trina believes in a term called “anti-aging”. If you follow her techniques, take care of your skin properly, eat healthy and exercise, you won’t need to worry about aging as you grow older.

  • Locations: Los Angeles, CA
  • Age: 45
  • Subscribers: 70,500
  • Videos: 118


The world has always said “age is just a number” and that is exactly what these ladies are proving every day. They are beautiful, graceful and inspiring. They have created uplifting and helpful content, which has helped them to become truly great beauty YouTubers.

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