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Can Blippi Sing?

“Nobody wants a toothache/So wet your brush and get your toothpaste.” A grown man with a big smile and an orange and blue hat sings enthusiastically in a children’s video about toothbrushing. 

The YouTube sensation Blippi was created by Stevin John, and many of his most popular videos are of him singing. Blippi has dazzled millions of kids on YouTube since 2014 with his colorful ensemble and educational videos and today, we are asking ourselves what makes Blippi so special.

His songs are simple but highly produced and well-edited, and John often adds spoken lines to the lyrics. The results are very catchy, leaving easy songs for children to sing along with. But can Blippi really sing? 

About Blippi 

Realizing that there were only subpar educational children’s videos on YouTube, Stevin decided that he would take matters into his own hands. Everything from the colors of clothing he wears to the catchy songs he sings is all to create an experience that children can come back to regularly.

In the beginning, John produced all of his videos by himself; but Moonbug Entertainment, Ltd. has recently acquired the Blippi brand for an undisclosed sum. 

Does Blippi Sing?

Mashable reported that John usually appears backup and chorus to the freelance songwriters and singers who typically take the lead. 

Viewers can see in Blippi videos that John is not singing most of the music, but he does add spoken words to the lyrics or join in for a phrase or two. 

To get a taste of his musical appearances, tune in to Blippi’s most popular hits like “The Boat Song,” “The Dinosaur Song,” and “Butterfly Song.” Listen for yourself to see if the Blippi behind the voice has the potential of winning a Grammy one day. 

It’s safe to say, however, that the singing needs a little work, but the songs make up for the uneven tone with catchy rhythm and rhyme. For those interested in hearing Blippi’s voice, see below a list of the songs where he can be heard singing. 

You can hear Blippi’s voice, and while it isn’t as rich, he seems to be quite good at holding a tune when singing with his more than likely musically skilled friend.

John is not, however, a singer and he is not the primary vocalist on the songs from his most popular videos. That said, when he does sing, you may not necessarily be inspired by his vocals or his range, but you might find yourself singing the songs in your head throughout the day. 

The Voice Behind the Scenes

Most might assume that Blippi sings all of his songs, but the lessons Stevin takes are more for fun. As he is sometimes only backup to the freelance singers, he employs to be a part of the show.

It’s been recognized now that Stevin isn’t even the main singer and songwriter; Alan Talaga stated in an article titled “It’s Only a Paper Blippi” that,

He isn’t even the main vocalist…and the songs are written by Kyle Bain. 

Kyle Bain has appeared in Blippi videos as the character Nicky Notes. 

Neither Bain nor John are credited as artists on the song, but even more concerning, Nicky Notes is not mentioned alongside Blippi as a character or artist. No credit is given to the singer or songwriter, the artist is listed only as Blippi. This means that the majority of the money, royalties, and recognition is going to the Blippi brand, not the songwriter, Bain. 

John is listed on the Blippi website as the creator of the “loveable character Blippi.” Positioning Blippi has a character separate from John himself has allowed John a great deal of freedom. Most notably, the character is listed as the ‘artist’ for the music on Spotify, Amazon, YouTube, and other streaming services. 

The credit for the music goes not to the singers or songwriters, but instead, it goes to the owners of the Blippi copyright–Stevin John and Moonbug Entertainment.   

Singing for the Live Show

In 2019, Stevin John launched Blippi the Musical, a live stage tour featuring Blippi singing, dancing, and going on adventures, much like the content on Blippi’s YouTube. 

Controversy was not far behind when parents who had paid hundreds of dollars for tickets to the show–and even more money for a special meet and greet with Blippi–were told that the character of Blippi would be played by another actor instead of Stevin John. Angry parents demanded refunds, and some were unsuccessful, causing controversy and frustration. 

Nonetheless, in an interview with Mashable, John discussed having taken voice and singing lessons since the debut of the show. It’s evident that the star has been hoping to sharpen up his singing skills in hopes of someday being the actual performer for the live Blippi the Musical. In a recent interview, he stated, 

One of my goals is to be on stage for the live show and be able to sing.

Though he has taken voice lessons, John has yet to appear on the live show in the years that followed this statement, making it safe to assume that he hasn’t achieved this goal and is still not able to sing his own music.

However, maybe someday we’ll see the star singing his songs for children on the big stage. 


Stevin John achieved all this success and fame, but he has yet to learn how to sing. Most of Blippi’s songs are written and performed by freelancers like Kyle Bain, who are not credited as artists on the songs.

Blippi’s songs are catchy, fun, and easy for kids to sing along with. With so many kids joining in, it almost doesn’t matter who is singing the song, as long as the kids are having fun.  

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