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Can Blippi Skate?

With CGI, Stuntmen, and good editing it can be hard to tell what’s real on screen and what’s fake. The actor Stevin John plays “Blippi” on his YouTube channel for kids. Blippi goes on many adventures, a few of which involve skateboarding and ice skating. However, can Stevin John actually skate like Blippi appears to do in his videos?

Skateboarding with Shaun White

In July of 2019, Blippi posted a skating video of him teaching kids how to skateboard. In this video we see professional snow boarder, Shaun White, skateboard for a minute. We see both his back and his face while he is skating up and down the ramp. Then Shaun teaches Blippi to skate and Blippi tries the same moves as Shaun and effortlessly executes them. However, we don’t get a good look at Blippi and mostly see his back.

This has led parents to question if Stevin John can actually skate, or if it was a Shaun White or another body double. In an Instagram post Blippi made with Shaun White, parents of fans asked Stevin if he can actually skate in the comments. With one parent saying she’s “tried to find out for a while.” What made the questioning even more confusing was that Blippi had on the same outfit as Shaun White when he was skating, making it even harder to tell.

However, if we look hard enough, we can spot key differences that let us know that it is Shaun White skating, dressed as Blippi. Shaun has a tattoo on the inside of his left arm, while Stevin John doesn’t. The Blippi who is shown skateboarding has a tattoo, indicating that it is actually Shaun White, and Blippi does not actually skateboard. Also, at 6:26 in the video there is a short point in which you can see Stevin John standing to the side watching while the Blippi character skates. Also, Stevin John has a faint goatee, versus the Blippi skating does not.

Ice Skating Videos

There is a video posted of Blippi at an ice-skating rink, teaching kids how to play hockey. In this video we see Blippi skating on ice skates in the rink. It’s a view from the front and definitely Blippi. He moves very slow on the ice and wobbles a bit at the knees and occasionally loses balance but doesn’t fall.

More recently on November 21, 2020, Blippi released a video that had a clip of him doing figure skating tricks on ice. First, he is seen learning how to skate from a skating instructor. Then at around 12 minutes 30 seconds in the video Blippi is seen doing impressive twirls and other tricks on ice.

However, like in the Shaun White video, Blippi seems to have had the instructor masquerading as him for the video. His face is only seen from far away as he twirls. However, from the looks of it, the Blippi skating doesn’t have facial hair and is a little paler and more muscular. His ice skating videos point to clues that tell us it was in fact not the real Blippi (Stevin John) doing the figure skating tricks.

Skating Ability

Yes, Blippi did do some skating in both videos mentioned. However, he had shaky, bad form. A professional ice-skater or even some more trained amateurs would not lose balance simply moving slowly on ice skates in the rink. This gives the impression that Blippi cannot ice skate. He can do simple ice skating around the rink, but not at a fast and efficient level.

This lack of ability with ice skating translates over to skateboarding. If he was a proficient skateboarder, odds are his balance would be better with ice skating. Also, the visual cues in his skateboarding video let us know that it is actually Shaun White skateboarding, not Stevin John. Similarly, how the visual cues in the ice-skating video tell us it is the instructor posing as Blippi when completing various intense tricks.

Blippi has not addressed the comments about if he really can skate. We don’t know exactly why he hasn’t but it could be to preserve the character of Blippi.


The question of whether Blippi can skate is still up in the air. Based on his lack of balance ice skating and having Shaun White skateboard in his place, it’s safe to assume that Blippi cannot skate. But who knows, perhaps Stevin John is a great actor for children and skater.

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