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Can I Call Blippi?

The YouTube star Blippi is loved by many kids. Does your child have questions they’re dying to ask Blippi? Do you want to thank him for providing a show that’s packed with learning and is a great distraction for your kids?

With so many fans, does the star have a way for kids and their parents to contact him? Or does he keep private?

Call Blippi App

This question was raised when the app “call Blippi” was released on android phones. This was a fake toy app that simulated calling the YouTuber from your own phone. There was even a number associated with the fake call.

The app didn’t actually call Blippi, as that would lead to many toddlers blabbering to Blippi to no end. However, the app served as a fun toy for young kids to feel like they’re calling their favorite character.

Calling Blippi

We’re not sure if any kids actually thought they were calling Blippi on the phone. He has very young viewers, so it’s quite likely they thought they were talking to the real Blippi.

A YouTuber named Shaya Jacobs made a video where he said he called Blippi. The YouTuber seems to be around the age of 10. He’s older than Blippi’s audience and may have been trying to trick some of Blippi’s audience into thinking he was in contact with Blippi. He didn’t actually call Blippi and a fan has yet to find Blippi’s phone number.

As one would expect, Blippi has not provided his phone number to the public. No one likes their personal phone to be called by a stranger and celebrities are no exception. Blippi may love his fans, but he doesn’t want to talk to them constantly on his personal phone.

Reach Out on Social Media

So, for fans and parents that want to reach out to Blippi to say thank you or ask a question, where can they go?

While Blippi has not released his phone number, he is very active on social media. If you want to contact the star, try commenting on a photo he posts to Instagram or any of the content he posts to Twitter or Facebook. Or try reaching out through comments on his many social media sites if you want to let the YouTuber know something.

Can I Contact Blippi’s Team?

Blippi also has a toy line for kids. You may be wondering how you can contact his team. What if I have a problem with my purchase or need to know information about the product?

You can contact the Blippi toy’s team. They have both an email and phone number on their website. The email address for any questions is blippi@moonbug.com and the business phone number is 702-509-5280. You can even send him a letter to a P.O. Box in his home city of Las Vegas, Nevada.


In short, no, you cannot call Blippi’s personal number. Blippi, like many celebrities, has chosen to keep his phone number a secret. However, there are plenty of ways for parents to contact Blippi if needed.

He’s active on social media and has multiple contacts for business inquiries. Blippi has chosen to keep his personal contact info a secret, but he’s still here for his fans.

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13 thoughts on “Can I Call Blippi?”

  1. Melissa Guido

    I am a grandmother of three young children between three and five. My grandson is three and I have two granddaughters who are 4 and 5 years old and the biggest fans of blippi. We would love to find out add how to get in touch with him either through a zoom call or possibly talking to him on the phone thank you very much. You can contact my email at melissaguido73@gmail.com

  2. Valeriana Martinez

    Hi Blippi my baby’s love seeing you on T.v is they anyway you could video call my baby’s pls

  3. can you surprise my brother I am 8 years old he really likes your video i want to hire blippi for his birthday and my name is Sophia and I am using my dad’s computer thank you

  4. My daughter and son lives watching your shows every day from moring to night she is a really bug fan ahe is two and the only thing she can spell is your name thanks for the videos.

  5. My daughter and son lives watching your shows every day from moring to night she is a really big fan she is two and the only thing she can spell is your name thanks for the videos.

    1. I watch your videos and I want to know if I can call you so can you please answer I always love seeing your videos I’m the biggest fans like biggest yeah I think like your shoes by the way

  6. Hi this is for blippi my daughter passed away a year ago and my grandson Hunter absolutely loves you but be and I do too please give us some response he is little Hunter and he is so special I believe he is my daughter’s angel I would love for him to meet you someday PS please get in touch with us thank you 🤗

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