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Can Markiplier Play the Trumpet?

“Stand at attention! Feet 45 degrees apart!” the famous gaming YouTuber instructs his friend before qualifying his sentence with, “wait is that right?” At 31 years old, it’s been over a decade since Mark Fischback performed alongside his high school marching band. Here we see just how well the YouTuber plays not only Minecraft, but the Trumpet.

Trumpet Beginnings

Back in 2007 when Mark was a shy high schooler unaware of YouTube fame, he played in the Milford High School marching band. At the time, he enjoyed gaming and posted the occasional video, but his most well-known talent, known by friends and family, was his instrumental skills.

Trumpet Teacher

Though time has passed, Mark hasn’t lost all his trumpeting talents. On his second channel, Unus Annus, he has a series of videos of him teaching his friend Ethan various skills. He teaches him how to march in a band and how to play the trumpet as part of this series. Ethan points out that he did in fact play the trumpet as well. However, while Mark devoted his high school years to marching band, Ethan only had a stint of playing trumpet in the 5th grade before switching to baritone and ultimately giving up musical instruments all together.

Current Skills

Markiplier still remembers the posture of a marching band member and how to warmup his mouth before playing trumpet, but can he still successfully play? We get a glimpse of Mark showcasing his musical talents in these teaching videos, but they are primarily overshadowed by the jarring sound coming out of Ethan’s green trumpet. There isn’t recent videos of Mark playing the trumpet. However, on a livestream in 2016, Mark pulls out his iconic red trumpet and plays the theme song to the Hearts and Heroes game for his fans. This performance was completely impromptu, and Mark does a fantastic job at fulfilling the fans request on the spot. We can say with certainty that Mark can still play the trumpet after all these years.

Trumpet Assessment

Since fans discovered this fact, YouTube videos criticizing and complementing Mark’s trumpet skills have surfaced. A trumpet player posted a reaction to the Unus Annus Trumpet lesson video and clarified some of the mistakes Mark made when teaching trumpet. It’s definitely been a while since Mark professionally picked up the instrument. He reflected on this time while watching a 2006 video of his high school’s marching band on a livestream. The gamer criticized his former marching band, saying to his friend, “We didn’t get too far. I think we just made it to semi-finals,” while watching the elegantly choreographed marching band performance.


Mark is now known for gaming by 27 million subscribers, however he started showcasing his talents through the trumpet. It has been 14 years since the YouTuber played during halftime at a football game. Nonetheless, he can still bust out an impressive impromptu song on the trumpet, proving that Markiplier can certainly play the trumpet.

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