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Can Markiplier Sing?

Markiplier is a well-loved YouTube celebrity known for his video game commentary and playthroughs. Although many of his 27 million subscribers watch solely for his gaming perspective, others are just as interested in his everyday life. These fans follow along for a peek into his daily life, clips of his dogs, and—yes—his singing videos.

Mark Edward Fischbach, AKA Markiplier, started uploading his singing videos in 2014. So, what’s the verdict on his singing voice? Can Markipier really sing?

Singing videos on YouTube

Want to judge for yourself whether Markiplier can sing? Luckily, a quick search on YouTube for “Markiplier singing” will bring up several videos from FischBach’s YouTube account.

While some of his singing videos are more serious, others are fun and lighthearted. For example, he’s posted multiple videos of himself “singing with puppies,” a fan favorite and something he gets requests for often.

While singing videos are somewhat rare for the noted gamer, he has uploaded several videos of himself covering other artists’ songs from beginning to end. A few of his most popular singing videos have included the following:

Markiplier’s history with singing

Markiplier says that he has always enjoyed singing. For many years, he had wanted to take the plunge and post videos of him singing but faced what he calls a “psychological block.”

Still, Markiplier decided to put himself out there because it’s something that makes him happy. He clearly gets plenty of support to help him through any feelings of self-consciousness. For one, he has a very supportive mother. In fact, one of his “singing with puppies” videos was uploaded at the request of his mom. (However, one could argue that the “singing” in this video sounds a lot more like howling).

He also has a supportive fan base, many of whom try to reflect the typically upbeat attitude Mark displays in his own videos. Mark has said that he will continue to upload videos of himself singing if the mood strikes. He has also told fans that he’s currently taking singing lessons.

A vocal coach reacts: Can Markiplier sing?

Now to solve the biggest question on a lot of viewers’ minds. Can Markiplier actually sing? YouTube got an answer to this question from a professional in 2018. Vocal coach Tristan Peredes, a YouTuber with nearly 2.4 million subscribers, reacted to Markiplier’s singing capabilities in real time as he watched some of Fischbach’s videos.

Upon first hearing his speaking voice, Paredes determined that Markiplier was most likely a baritone or bass baritone. This lower voice type typically struggles with the higher notes often found in popular music. However, many singers who would be considered baritones have enjoyed commercial success, such as John Legend, Johnny Cash, and Michael Buble.

Paredes confirmed his assumption while listening to Markiplier’s singing. According to the vocal coach, Mark’s deep notes are often on-point, while he sometimes struggles with high notes. In general, however, Paredes praised the YouTuber’s attempts throughout his videos.

In fact, the vocal coach seemed pleasantly surprised throughout several of the gamer’s performances. Paredes’ reaction was particularly strong for a cover of Lukas Graham’s “Seven Years” and for his version of “Say You Won’t Let Go.”

Fan reactions to Markiplier singing

While Paredes’ reaction video received nearly half a million views, Markiplier’s loyal fans and his critics will always have their own opinions on his singing voice. Thankfully, he has built up a positive community of folks who want to lift him up with praise.

However, there are critics of the YouTuber’s voice in his singing videos. Some have said that he is pitchy or that his voice is nasally or whiny, particularly when singing higher notes. Fans of his singing voice, on the other hand, feel that even when his voice cracks, it almost sounds like it belongs there.

Several videos have listed Markiplier amongst famous YouTubers who can actually sing. Fans anxiously await his next singing video, sending requests for songs they believe are best suited to his voice.

Can Markiplier improve his singing voice?

Many of Markiplier’s fans have noted that his voice has improved steadily with each video he’s posted. Some videos show the YouTuber working through new song covers slowly—and it’s clear that he’s always learning and growing.

Markiplier struggles with high notes, but, as Paredes’ video points out, there are plenty of tricks to navigate that. During his cover of Ariana Grande’s “Dangerous Woman,” for example, the vocal coach points out that he could “bring up a little bit more of that chest voice” for the high notes.

However, it seems that when the singer finds a song that works well for his range and abilities, he gets praise from fans and vocal experts alike. Paredes, for example, feels that his cover of “7 Years” by Lukas Graham is the perfect fit for his vocal range, and that he should stick closely to that style.


Markiplier has uploaded several singing videos to YouTube. Overcoming self-doubt, it sounds like he’s decided to keep uploading videos no matter what the reaction. Luckily, his fans have been largely positive, with only minor criticism of his technique.

When Markiplier picks the right song for his voice, even his critics can admit that he’s got some level of talent. No matter what, it’s great that he’s decided to continue doing what he loves.

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