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Can MrBeast Help Me?

On FaceTime video with a woman describing her recent layoff from her job, MrBeast – wearing large headphones and a button-up – states, “It hurts to hear all this. So, here at WSMB, we want to give you $10,000 to try and make your life a little bit easier.”

Any regular YouTube audience member – particularly fans of his – are familiar with MrBeast’s viral philanthropic giveaways and his frequent offers to help those in need. He enjoys helping people, and his charitable acts don’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon.

Because of his evident affluence, it’s only natural to witness MrBeast helping thousands of people financially and wonder if he could (and would) be willing to lend a helping hand to people like you and me. Most of us could use a bit of extra money; so, the question stands: Can MrBeast help me?

Can MrBeast Help Me?

As of February 5, 2020, MrBeast had an estimated net worth of $18 million. The famed YouTuber currently has over 44 million subscribers on his channel. Having reached over 7 billion views in total, MrBeast’s YouTube channel alone is estimated to make nearly $15 million a year from ads run on the videos. Not only does MrBeast make earnings from YouTube, but he also maintains brand deals with various distinguished companies, explaining his ability to upload giveaway videos consistently.

It seems as if MrBeast can help with that amount of cash. However, his YouTube channel explicitly states: “*Do not email me asking for money, YOU WILL BE IGNORED AND BLOCKED.” Considering this blatant message, MrBeast certainly isn’t doing hand-outs for those who solicit.

How Can I Qualify for MrBeast’s Help?

MrBeast is frequently on the lookout for individuals to feature in his uploads, particularly people who could use help. For many of his YouTube contests, there are submission forms for information and creator content – giving him and his team an abundance of options to choose from in deciding who would benefit the most.

In February of 2020, MrBeast tweeted “I want to help some of you guys, fill out this form if you know someone in need!” The form explained that MrBeast would select individuals to participate in an upcoming video – which typically ends in a financial giveaway. He later tweeted in July of 2020, “Are you a youtuber with under 100,000 subscribers that genuinely needs help? Fill out this form, I have a fun video coming up :D.”

MrBeast ensures equality in his giveaways by selecting his participants through forms, surveys, and other application opportunities, which he regularly posts on social media platforms. The key to being entertained by the star is to reach out respectfully – by way of his provided submission options – and at suitable times.


In retrospect, MrBeast is undeniably willing to help anyone that he can. Although the chances of merely asking for money and receiving your request from MrBeast are slim-to-none, there are still opportunities to participate in his subscriber challenges and contests. Keeping up with MrBeast on social media is a fundamental step toward being featured in a giveaway and receiving help from his team.

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2 thoughts on “Can MrBeast Help Me?”

  1. Hey there Mr. Beast. I came here to try to get some $$$, for myself, and for any of my startups. I’ve been looking for investors for my startups but they take so long, or just don’t respond. If I hadn’t gotten injured, I probably wouldn’t ask no one for help but, I still have to try. So thanx a lot if you could help and have a good day! May God bless you and ur family and friends!

  2. Hi, Mr East is a big inspiration. I wish I knew how to do what he does. I don’t got the talent. I help people tho in different ways like a helping hand. I sacrifice a lot especially for my 2 year old daughter. I know nothing is free in life and I don’t ever ask people for help. I know he wouldn’t just give money to just anyone. And it’s not right for me to ask for free money so I won’t. My question is how can I get the help I need. I try so hard to be a good dad and I can’t give my daughter what a nice place because of the situation that I’m in. My story is to long and it’s probably something that he’s heard lots of times. I need money but I wouldn’t ask for it. I’m just overwhelmed with life and I’m only 33. Just I have the worst luck. I think meeting Mr East at least would be so cool. Money will always be my problem but just knowing I met the one person that inspires me would make my day because of what he does for a lot of people. Maybe he can at least give me advice on how I can become successful and find a talent that I don’t know I have. And a picture with him. Im might live way to far any of that. But that’s a wish I’d like. If not we’ll I’m use to not having what I want. Either way I love what he does. He awesome and I’m sure he inspires a lot of people. May God bless him for that.

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