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Can Rosanna Pansino Sing Opera?

There are countless YouTubers in the world with an abundance of talent, but it’s rare to come across one with a wide range of abilities. Rosanna Pansino is just such a celebrity.

The popular creator of baking show Nerdy Nummies is also a cookbook author, actor, and creator of her own baking line. Nestled among her videos of “nerd-themed” sweets and food-related challenges lies something else a little unexpected: a handful of videos which showcase her rich, operatic singing voice.

Known primarily for her whimsy in the kitchen, some fans wonder, can Rosanna Pansino sing opera?

Who is Rosanna Pansino?

Rosanna Pansino channeled her acting talent into launching her YouTube career. Her resulting quirky baking show was so successful that two cookbooks and a baking line followed.

Singing Background

Although there is a lot of information available on her baking and acting projects, little is known about Pansino’s early singing career and how she evolved into opera. We do know her singing debut occurred at a young age through her discovery of theater. She discussed discovering this passion on the podcast At Home with Linda and Drew Scott.

Her junior year of high school, Pansino needed an art credit and decided on a theater class. This led to her auditioning for the musical Grease, and she won the lead role of Sandy. The musical left quite an impact on her, noting “It was the first time that I left like I came alive.”

She also trained for opera during her college years, though there are few details available.

Vocal Projects

As Pansino focused her efforts into other areas, she did continue to express herself through her voice, though to a lesser degree, with opera appearing more recently.

In 2015 she released a song and music video called “Perfect Together,” a song she created with the help of a fellow YouTuber. She expertly melds the subjects of love and food together in a calm, happy song.

A foreshadowing of what was to come occurred in 2016 when Pansino mentioned she was “singing a lot of Opera lately” and referenced her vocal coach, who was working with her to improve her opera singing. A few years later in November 2019, Pansino posted a video on her channel where she performs a moving rendition of the opera song “O Mio Babbino Caro.” It clearly showcases her vocal range and lovely voice.

Her most recent effort was posted on YouTube in July of 2020, where she covered The Phantom of the Opera’sThink of Me,” a duet where her rich voice was accompanied by live instrumentals.

In Conclusion

In sum, Rosanna Pansino can sing opera, with much credit to her helpful vocal coach. Singing has always been just one of Pansino’s talents, with opera making its debut further on in her career. The few examples made available of her singing opera clearly demonstrate her skill.

Although this revelation may have surprised her fans, it was a welcome one based on comments her followers posted after viewing the videos of her singing. And just like her popular baking videos and fun food challenges, her followers are delighted.

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