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Can You Hire Blippi?

It’s your child’s 5th birthday party and out from the gate of the backyard walks their favorite YouTube star, Blippi! One of the most exciting things as a kid is being able to meet your favorite characters. You watch them on TV or YouTube every day and dream about meeting them. So, can kids meet the famous YouTube star, Blippi?


The real Blippi, Stevin John, has a Cameo website set up. On Cameo you can request a special message be sent to you from the star of your choosing. With Covid-19, this virtual message may be the best thing to let your child have a taste of meeting Blippi.

You can be rest assured that it is the real Blippi that sends the message, and you can personalize the message however you want. This is a great alternative to meeting Blippi in real life.

Live Blippi Shows

Blippi announced in 2019 the tour “Blippi the Musical”. Parents were thrilled to buy tickets to the show and some spent hundreds of dollars to get front row tickets for their entire family.

This is a super exciting premise; however, it didn’t play out well in practice. The show turned out to have an impersonator playing Blippi. This angered many parents that had paid the hefty cost to see Stevin John play Blippi.

The only acknowledgement that this was happening was in the fine print on the ticket that most guests look over. This was a questionable move for the Blippi team to make. He even had meet and great tickets sold without a clear comment that it would be in fact an impersonator.

The impersonator scandal has tainted the Blippi name. However, how bad was it really? We can’t comment on how the parents felt to be cheated by the show, but odds are the kids wouldn’t be able to tell a difference. If the impersonator looked enough like Blippi, his target audience of ages 2-6 may not have been able to tell a difference between the two.

There should have been a clear mention that an impersonator would play Blippi and in the end a similar amount of tickets probably would have been sold. The show is on pause due to Covid-19 right now, but it’ll be interesting to see if a large amount of tickets will be sold again now that this news of impersonation has broken out.


It’s not possible to book Stevin John, the real Blippi, for a party. However, there are a few look-alikes to Blippi that act as impersonators for children’s parties. They are clear and upfront that they are an impersonator but still deliver the same level of entertainment as the real Blippi. Some of the impersonators are extremely had to tell a part from the real Blippi.

Also consider having a family member or family friend dress up as Blippi for an event. Blippi’s iconic striped hat can be purchased or one can make you’re their own Blippi costume. Your toddler likely won’t know that this is an impersonation but will be elated that Blippi came to their party.


It seems you cannot hire Blippi for an in-person party. However, if your child is a huge fan consider getting a Cameo message or an impersonator for their next birthday party.

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  1. My 3 yr old Nathan loves Blippi and talks about how he eats fruits and vegetables yet my son won’t I was really hoping man encouraging message from Blippi would help

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