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5 Top Canadian Fashion YouTubers

The beauty of YouTube is that it connects us to creators all over the world. If you are a fashion connoisseur looking for new inspiration, check out these Canadian YouTubers who are making waves in the fashion community.

Valeria Lipovetsky — Valeria Lipovetsky

Valeria is a 27-year-old model, mom and registered holistic nutritionist. She moved to Canada at the age of 19 and has built her life there ever since. She also runs a successful YouTube channel where she posts fashion videos in addition to vlogs about her life.

She posts about fashion related topics such as fashion hacks and lookbooks in hopes of helping others find their personal style. Not only are her videos packed with fashion advice and ideas, but her channel is also filled with content meant to empower women and mothers all over the world.

  • Location: Toronto, Canada
  • Videos: 589
  • Subscribers: 1,520,000

Allegra Shaw — Allegra Shaw

Allegra is a Toronto based YouTuber focused on sustainable fashion. She is so passionate about sustainability and ethical labor that she has started a clothing line based upon these principles. Uncle Studios (also known as US) is a community driven brand that works to elevate everyday wear.

The idea behind the brand is to make high quality clothing that will last and stay in your closet for a lifetime. Her enthusiasm about clean fashion is evident in her countless capsule videos. This has aided her steady climb to being one of the top Canadian fashion YouTubers on the platform.

  • Location: Toronto, Canada
  • Videos : 387
  • Subscribers: 920,000

Gwengwizetc — Gwen Swinarton

Gwen initially gained attention from her ASMR videos on her other channel Gwen ASMR. She then created her second channel that centers around fashion, beauty, travel, and other aspects of Gwen’s life.

In this channel, she has many try on haul and outfit ideas videos but also speaks on the topic of mental health to inspire others to be more open about the topic. She also runs her own online store in which she sells her own preloved clothes to encourage sustainability.

  • Location: Toronto, Canada
  • Videos : 271
  • Subscribers: 201,000

My Green Closet – Verena (Erin) Polowy

Erin is dedicated to educating others on how to create and maintain your own sustainable, ethical and minimal wardrobe. She has made videos educating others about different ethical brands and videos that show viewers how to style one item of clothing in many different ways. These videos are extremely helpful for beginner fashion enthusiasts who wish to commit to living a more minimal and sustainable lifestyle.

  • Location: Edmonton, Canada
  • Videos : 233
  • Subscribers: 79,000

Mademoiselle Trudel — Karine Trudel

Karine resides in Montréal, Canada and is the woman behind the Mademoiselle Trudel channel. From styling thrifted clothing to styling outfits on a budget, she features fashion videos that will give you tons of ideas and inspiration no matter what style you are going for.

If you are blanking on what to wear to a music festival or need a boost to your summer wardrobe, Karine has you covered. She has a great deal of outfit ideas videos for any mood, season or occasion.

  • Location: Montréal, Canada
  • Videos : 101
  • Subscribers: 54,800


Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned fashion enthusiast, these talented fashion gurus are sure to give you the inspirational boost you need.

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