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Best College Football YouTube Channels

Now that pro sports is back up and running, sports fans are clamoring to get their fix in. Since it’s hard to catch every event live, one of the best ways to catch the highlights is to scan YouTube for highlights and commentary.

This article is going to introduce you to a collection of YouTube channels that cover college football in number of ways. From highlights to analysis, there are a select few channels that stand above the rest in providing you with the ultimate online college football fan experience.

For the die-hard fans, here are some channels you are going to want to check out.

ESPN College Football – ESPN

It is difficult to beat the “worldwide leader in sports”. This channel is a 1-stop shop for everything that a college football fan would be interested in watching. To name a few, they have videos that breakdown game-film, delve into specific programs, analyze NFL draft stock over marquee players, and provide interviews of major head coaches.

This is the trusted name in sports and their college football channel does not disappoint. If you’re a college football fan, you might find yourself scanning their many video playlists for hours on end.

  • Location: United States
  • Videos: 1,192
  • Subscribers: 117,000

MarkRogersTV College Football – Mark Rogers

If you are interested in a channel with a more personal feel, Mr. Mark Rogers offers in-depth analysis and debate videos for hardcore college football fans who seek to put on their thinking cap and dive deep into the college football world.

Nicknamed “The Voice of College Football”, Mark brings on broadcasters, coaches, players, and others involved in college football to provide insight into the game in a fun, lively, and relaxed way that few others on the web can provide.

  • Location: Connecticut, United States
  • Videos : 8,288
  • Subscribers: 21,200

Harris Highlights – Blake Harris

A popular and dynamic forum, Harris Highlights is the #1 most subscribed and viewed college football channel on YouTube. Blake is a talented video creator and editor. He posts well-constructed videos such as Top 10 lists, “what if” videos, breaking news, predictions, and much more.

His channel is popular mainly due to the quality and uniqueness of his creations. He focuses on the fine details of the game, which allows viewers to learn new and fresh information in a visually pleasing way.

  • Location: United States
  • Videos: 1,121
  • Subscribers: 202,000

JustBombsProductions – Scott Takade

This channel focuses on the NFL draft, and is in fact the #1 most subscribed and viewed channel for NFL draft specific videos. Scott provides highlights of all of the nation’s top prospects to leave viewers informed as well as amazed by the pros of tomorrow.

Each top player has their own highlight tape that showcases their skills that will take them to the next level. JustBombsProductions is a tremendous source for college and professional football fans alike.

  • Location: Denver, Colorado
  • Videos: 792
  • Subscribers: 203,000

Victors Valiant

Oftentimes all that a college football fan needs is to know exactly what happened in a game in a short period of time. Victors Valiant contains condensed game highlights of every college football game across the country, including games of smaller schools.

These videos contain every single play that happened throughout the game and cuts away every other second that isn’t the recorded action; a perfect source for those that want to catch up on games that they missed.

  • Videos: 875
  • Subscribers: 82,900


Overall, there are tons of channels that a college football fan can visit to get their fix of the collegiate gridiron. However, the channels listed above specifically stand out as sure-fire sources for any true fan of the game. They each provide a unique way to enjoy and share the game with those who love and understand college football the best.

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