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Does It Cost Money to Subscribe to a YouTube Channel?

YouTube is one of the most readily accessible forms of contemporary user-driven entertainment with almost 5 billion videos being watched every day.

Thankfully, the majority of YouTube is absolutely ‘free’ to access, and that is also true for subscribing to a YouTube Channel. Each subscription you make requires no transaction or fee.

What is a YouTube Subscription?

Subscriptions are a very important part of tailoring your YouTube experience to you as an individual. Subscribing to a user’s channel means that you will be notified of any new videos or information posted by that given channel.

This makes it incredibly easy to keep up with the content that you care about.

How do you Subscribe?

Beneath each YouTube video you will see a red “subscribe” button. Provided you are logged in to your account, pressing this once will subscribe you to the video poster’s channel. Pressing it once more will quickly unsubscribe you from the same channel.

You can also subscribe to users by visiting their channel page, which houses all their content. Here you will again find the familiar red “subscribe” button and will be able to press it to the same results.

From the go, you can subscribe up to a maximum of 2,000 channels. However, this number increases with your channel, so as you gain more subscriptions yourself that limit will change.

Furthermore, you can subscribe to a maximum number of 75 channels per day.

What is YouTube Premium?

YouTube Premium is the site’s only paid feature and uses a subscription (pay per month) model, which can confuse some users. This feature allows customers to download videos, play videos without advertisements and gain access to YouTube Music Premium.

However, it must be stressed that this membership is not necessary to watch or access the vast majority of content on YouTube.

So, Does it Cost Money to Subscribe to a YouTube Channel?

No, it doesn’t cost users any money to subscribe to a YouTube Channel. All you need is to be logged in to a registered free account.


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