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Did Blippi Go To College?

“So much to learn about, it’ll make you want to shout: Blippi!”

When hearing this jingle, most parents with young children will instantly conjure the image of the fun YouTube character, Blippi. With a wide range of wholesome educational content, Blippi is every parent’s go-to. Stevin John, the creative genius behind the bubbly personality, has amassed over 7 billion views on YouTube.

His educational content resonates with young children and helps them get excited about learning. It is easy to assume that he has a background in teaching or a degree in educational studies.

The question intrigues parents and others: did Blippi go to college?

Early Life

John grew up in the agricultural region of Ellensburg, Washington. A quaint upbringing, his town had a population of fewer than 30,000 people. John describes being “surrounded by tractors, cows, and horses” as a child but had dreams of becoming a limousine driver. 

Military Service

Stevin John’s dreams of driving luxurious limos were not to be. While details are limited when looking at his educational background, it appears he did not attend college. Instead, John enrolled in the military, serving active duty in the United States Air Force.

His military role was as a loadmaster for the C-17 Globemaster airplane in the 4th Airlift Squadron. John was in charge of calculations and “balancing the aircraft with tanks, helicopters, pallets of food”. 

John’s time in the military was a pleasant one. However, he said that he “didn’t like the idea of eventually having a family and not being with them for months at a time”. It was for this reason that after John completed his first term, he decided not to reenlist.

Professional Life

After leaving the military, John worked on improving his filming and editing skills. Before Blippi, he worked as a SEO specialist in internet marketing, video creation and as a cameraman in Los Angeles.  “My other idea was maybe I was going to be a director or something,”  John says.

The four years between leaving the military and starting Blippi it appears that John studied YouTube algorithms and how to make successful viral videos. John’s fondness for self-learning and drive to become a successful YouTuber may be the reason that he chose not to go to college. The path he chose was perhaps unconventional but has not hindered his success today.

While watching YouTube videos with his nephew he noticed a gap in the market for free, high-quality children’s educational content. He applied the skills that he had taught himself and acquired throughout his career to launch Blippi. These skills and intuition have led to the global children’s educational brand that Blippi is today. 


Despite his array of educational content on YouTube, the man behind Blippi did not go to college. Despite this, John has proven to be just as successful in his chosen career. Instead of building upon a degree, John has drawn from his various roles in the workforce.

From his days working with military equipment to working behind the camera, John’s life experience and drive have helped him to create a well-rounded and much-loved character.

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