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Did Markiplier Go to College?

Imagining wealthy celebrities being anywhere but their current circumstances is not always easy. But everyone started somewhere.

Markiplier, otherwise known as Mark Fischbach, currently has a following of 27 million subscribers on his YouTube channel alone. In 2019, Markiplier was estimated to be making over $10 million a year with his YouTube career and other endorsements.

Many of Markiplier’s fans have inquired on just what did to guide him to his current level of success in the YouTuber world. One question, in particular, has been raised: did Markiplier go to college?

About Markiplier

In a video titled “Draw My Life” released on May 4, 2013, Markiplier places a dry erase board into the view of the camera. He states,

I think this video is really going to explain to you guys how I got from point A to point B… these things are really important to me because they tell how I became the person that I am.

While doodling his points on the dry erase board as he goes along, Markiplier explains that he was born on an army base on the island of Oahu, Hawaii. He later moved to Cincinnati, Ohio, where his father retired. Markiplier describes his childhood home while doodling his experiences playing the Super Nintendo with his brother, Tom, and how he came to enjoy video games.

Markiplier genuinely opens up in this video, explaining his parents’ divorce and several other difficult experiences while growing up. Nonetheless, he graduated from Milford High School in 2007 and excitedly enrolled at the University of Cincinnati. Sadly, in 2008, Markiplier’s father passed away from cancer, taking a considerable toll on the star’s mental health.

Education and Career

Upon his acceptance to the University of Cincinnati, Markiplier studied biomedical engineering. Between his studies, Markiplier found enjoyment in filming his video gaming and uploading the videos to YouTube. Soon enough, his account began to flood with subscribers, and money followed closely behind.

A Big Decision

Markiplier was homing in on his graduation from the University of Cincinnati with only two semesters away. However, his YouTube channel was gaining more traffic than he ever anticipated. He realized that he needed to make the difficult choice between earning a degree and committing to a YouTube career. Ultimately, the star decided on his YouTube channel, dropping out of university and moving to Los Angeles to pursue his passion.

Despite such a risky decision, it seems to have worked out just fine. Currently, at over 14 billion views on YouTube, Markiplier made a clear jump in his success.


Given these points, the answer to Markiplier’s educative career is basically uncomplicated. He attended the University of Cincinnati and studied biomedical engineering, only to drop out in pursuit of his YouTube potential. Although dropping out of college might not be agreeable to some, Markiplier’s selection to follow his YouTuber career has millions of fans elated.

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  1. Following the recovery from his surgeries, Mark had decided to take firm control of his life. Using his tax refund, he bought a new camera and started making sketch comedy and gaming videos on YouTube under the name Markiplier, a portmanteau of Mark and multiplier, which refers to his original intent of wanting to portray multiple characters on his channel.

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