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Did PewDiePie Go to College?

“During my late teens … I just wanted to go home and play video games. All I really cared about was playing video games,” PewDiePie explains as he clicks through Google Maps to bring fans through his hometown in Sweden. Little did high-school PewDiePie know, his future stardom would allow his days to be chock-full of video games.

Felix Kjellberg, widely known across the online gaming community as PewDiePie, is one of YouTube’s most famed Let’s Player today. It is easy to imagine that a person with PewDiePie’s current level of prestige – at 107 million subscribers – would have had to dedicate a lot of effort to get there.

In the modern world, that effort is recognized often as having received a formal college education. With an estimated net worth of $30-50 million and a clear level of success, the question about his educative career lingers: Did PewDiePie go to college?

Early Education

Grade School

PewDiePie explains in a video about his growing up life in Gothenburg, Sweden, that he didn’t attend any average, public grade school. His mother placed him and his sister into a prestigious school, evidently somewhat far from his home.

The school itself is called Göteborgs Högre Samskola – it enrolls students ages 5-18. Students in grades 1-6 attended the Lilla Samskola in central Gothenburg. The school is known throughout Gothenburg as a respected school, mostly for the upper class. PewDiePie says, “It’s where all the privileged kids went to school and I really appreciate my mom putting me into a really good school. Namaste, mom.”

High School

Upon reaching grade 7, PewDiePie moved on to the Stora Samskola; which was the second half of Göteborgs Högre Samskola, for grades 7-12. PewDiePie confesses that his high-school days were not “great days”. He describes himself as becoming introverted and tended to isolate himself from others as he didn’t care to befriend many fellow students.

PewDiePie explains that at this point in life, his love for video games was close to all he thought about. He states, “I think that was all that was on my mind while I was in school. I just was thinking about what I was going to play when I actually got home from school. School just kind of felt like a prison these days.”

Regardless of his feelings toward school, he maintained good grades so he would be able to continue and graduate from Göteborgs Högre Samskola.


PewDiePie enrolled at the Chalmer’s University of Technology after graduating from high school. Chalmer’s University is also located in Gothenburg, Sweden, and focuses on areas like engineering, natural science, and economics.

PewDiePie was surprised at his acceptance to the University but was able to earn high scores on a physics exam, allowing him to attend the college of his choice. He ended up choosing Chalmers, and because of his expectations of rejection, he applied for similar programs as his parents. The courses that he attended only led to his dissatisfaction with college since he didn’t care for the field of study and would’ve rather focused on a more creative field of education.

While many believe that PewDiePie dropped out of school to pursue a career in YouTube, he claims that he quit because, “It was boring, Industrial Management and Economics. It was boring as hell.” After realizing that he couldn’t relate to anyone at University, PewDiePie eventually left University in 2011. Until subscribers started to pile in on his YouTube channel in 2012, PewDiePie made ends meet by selling hot dogs on the street. He also had a passion for Photoshop and was able to sell some of the art that he created using it. He had soon saved up enough to invest in a computer. From there, his YouTube channel took off.


There you have it, PewDiePie did attend college. Although he didn’t end up earning his degree, if having graduated from Chalmer’s University, PewDiePie’s life might have had a very different outcome. His route to success wasn’t necessarily traditional, but it’s clear that he put in work to earn the fame that he has today. PewDiePie’s choice to drop out of college led him to follow his passions and ultimately, to become a YouTube star.

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