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Does Blippi Have a Dog?

Being the star of a children’s show means you ought to have a man’s best friend—a dog—right? Is this true for the American YouTube star Blippi, who makes educational videos for children? 

Fans have wondered if the dogs seen in Blippi’s videos are truly his dogs, or if they’re merely borrowed for content purposes. So, does the actor behind Blippi, Stevin John, actually have a dog?

Animal Videos

In June of 2018, Blippi posted a video of him visiting an animal shelter. In this video, he talks about dogs and introduces some of the pups at the animal shelter. This is just one example of Blippi talking about animals. Yes, it’s a good topic for kids to learn about. 

However, Blippi makes so many videos surrounding animals that we can only assume that Stevin John loves animals as well. But is he a genuine dog lover, just like his character?

Posting Dogs to Instagram

On top of filming various popular videos with dogs, the official Blippi Instagram page has posted photos of Blippi with his dog. Blippi refers to the dog in the post as his own dog named Lyno. However, since Blippi is still in character during these posts, how much of it is true? Is the dog owned by Stevin himself or instead borrowed for assisting with Blippi videos? 

Is Lyno Blippi’s Real Dog?

Lyno is in fact Stevin John’s real dog. In a video with a different YouTuber, Stevin John makes an appearance with his golden-doodle named Lyno. In this video, the two illustrate how to fetch. It’s odd seeing Stevin outside of the character Blippi, but it reveals that not everything about the character is made up.

Both Blippi and the actor Stevin have an affinity towards dogs. Stevin even keeps Lyno’s real name when using him in videos on the Blippi channel. In a video titled “Blippi Plays in the Backyard,” Blippi commands Lyno to sit, using his real name. 

A lot of Blippi’s qualities are simply character-based, and we can’t say that everything Blippi does is what Stevin John would do. Nonetheless, we can rest assured, knowing that Stevin John loves dogs just as much as Blippi.

Dogs Over Kids?

Some fans have inquired about whether Stevin John plans to have kids with his girlfriend. He responded by saying maybe in the future, but for now, he cares for his dog and the two small kittens that he owns. Dogs can be a lot of work, and it seems that for now, Stevin is perfectly content with taking on that challenge. 


Oftentimes, the line between an actor and the character they play becomes blurred, which has seemingly happened with Stevin John and Blippi when it comes to dogs. Regardless of assumptions on the subject, both seem to love and care for their sweet pup Lyno. 

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