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Does Blippi Speak Spanish?

“¡Oye! ¡Ven aca!” Blippi expresses as he makes his way to the camera in front of OdySea Aquarium. Bringing his viewers in to the aquarium, Blippi is ready to teach the kiddos all about animals.

“Esto va a ser impresionante!” Blippi exclaims to hype up his young fans which means “this is going to be awesome!”

Can Stevin John Speak Spanish?

Blippi is mainly known for his popular English-speaking videos that children love. If you have seen Blippi’s Spanish videos, you might be wondering if Stevin John himself can speak Spanish. Viewers of these videos may be shocked to know that the Spanish spoken lines are not coming from Stevin John.

With the excellent presentation of how close it sounds like his real voice, you may believe that Stevin is bilingual in Spanish. However, Stevin cannot speak Spanish — his voice is completely dubbed! Yes, you read that right.

In fact, Stevin records all of his Blippi videos in English. From that point, he hands the video off to his native Spanish speaking partner who translates the video into Spanish and records his voice over the original.

By paying extremely close attention to the video, Stevin’s partner is able to match Blippi’s mouth and expressions near perfect.

Spanish Version of Blippi

Stevin John is a native English speaker. Since being founded in 2014, all of Blippi’s videos were presented in English. However, in 2017, that began to change.

The Blippi brand continues to expand rapidly. To reach an even broader audience of toddlers, Stevin realized he needed to have his Blippi videos translated into Spanish.

With there being 420 million Spanish speakers in the world, there is great potential when expanding an immensely popular children’s brand to all those kids that speak Spanish as their first language. “Translating and dubbing Blippi into Spanish was a no brainer,” Stevin said.

Blippi’s Spanish Voice

It all began in late 2016 when Stevin started searching for the best Spanish voice Blippi could have. José Miguel Rojas, a Venezuelan, was discovered and brought the new voice to Blippi.

Stevin works directly with him to ensure the Blippi brand can stay alive with top-quality content in the Spanish speaking area. This process is done remotely and turned out to be the best decision in growing the popularity of Blippi even more.

Current State of Spanish Channel

Blippi Español started out just as an idea. That simple idea created something big in just a matter of a couple of months. Blippi is easily getting millions of views every week on his Spanish channel.

Stevin John knew he made the right decision in allowing Blippi to be translated to Spanish. He continues to produce Spanish speaking videos growing his library drastically.


It is no surprise that many people might be wondering if Steven John speaks Spanish. The Blippi Spanish videos are near perfect to matching his voice and portraying his voice in a way that not only moves well with his lips, but also matches the tone and expressions he is portraying in the videos.

No, Stevin John does not speak Spanish. However, that did not stop him from introducing his Blippi videos in Spanish. With the help of a voice-over professional, Stevin was able to portray Blippi as a Spanish speaker in an impressive way.

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