Does Joe Rogan Drink Coffee?

“It actually tastes great…just a whole lot of power,” says Rogan one day on his podcast. What is he talking about? Coffee. 

Most listeners know that Joe Rogan of the Joe Rogan Experience (JRE) is a guy who is focused on health and fitness. Not only does he have a grueling workout routine, but his nutritional plan rivals that of other fitness icons, like Dwayne Johnson. 

But with all the controversial health benefits of coffee and Rogan’s healthy lifestyle, it is no wonder a lot of people ask: does Joe Rogan drink coffee?

The Bulletproof Coffee Debacle

Listeners of the Joe Rogan Experience know that Rogan is always sipping some kind of concoction on air. Whether it’s Kill Cliff CBD drinks, kombucha, or mushroom coffee, Rogan is an evident fan of healthy beverages and superfoods. 

Rogan grabs up drinks that are low in calories or charged with superfoods, which is why he was a large supporter of Bulletproof Coffee for a long time. Bulletproof Coffee is mixed with grass-fed butter and Onnit MCT oil, which follows the guidelines of Rogan’s ketogenic diet.

However, Bulletproof Coffee decided to launch scare tactics to get people to buy their special coffee beans. The brand stated that regular coffee beans contain molds (mycotoxins) that are dangerous to the human body and that only their brand did not have the mold. 

Onnit, Rogan’s supplement company, did some research and found the claims by Bulletproof Coffee were baseless; so, Rogan and Onnit cut their ties with Bulletproof Coffee. Since then, Rogan has switched to Caveman Coffee, which his friend, Tait Fletcher, co-founded.

Coffee, a Joe Rogan Staple

These days, you can see Rogan and many of his guests on JRE sipping from tiny cans of Nitro Cold Brew by Caveman Coffee. Each little can contains about 200 mg of caffeine, which is credited for making the guests on the show more talkative. Even Rogan said in an Instagram post that Caveman Coffee’s Nitro is his “new favorite way to get a morning buzz.”

Aside from consuming copious amounts of Caveman Coffee, Joe Rogan also serves up brews from Black Rifle Coffee Company (BRCC) on the Joe Rogan Experience. BRCC is a company founded and run by American military veterans. Additionally, Rogan has been promoting the Lion’s Mane & Chaga mushroom coffee mix from Four Sigmatic by saying, 

Four Sigmatic has become a key part of my daily routine.

Why Does Joe Rogan Drink Coffee?

There is no doubt that Joe Rogan drinks coffee regularly, but is there a reason for it? 

Coffee plays a role in his lifestyle and diet regimen. Rogan follows a predominantly carnivorous, ketogenic diet and also does intermittent fasting. He uses an 8-hour feeding window that is followed by a 16-hour fast. 

When fasting, Rogan turns to coffee in the morning to perk himself up. Of course, having coffee throughout the day also keeps Rogan sharp for his workouts and podcasts.

Sometimes Rogan will mix his coffee with Laird Superfood Turmeric Coffee Creamer or add in some Onnit MCT oil and grass-fed butter to make the beverage keto-friendly. Rarely is he caught without some kind of coffee or caffeinated beverage in hand, which may be why he is always so energetic.


So, does Joe Rogan drink coffee? Yes—and a lot of it, too. Whether Rogan is sipping coffee in the morning when he wakes up or is serving up a new roast to guests on his show, coffee seems to be a staple of the Joe Rogan Experience. Hopefully, in the future, Rogan will continue introducing more coffee products for his fans to try. 

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