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Does Joe Rogan Own UFC?

The UFC has made a big name for itself through its minimum fight restrictions and its showcase of extreme fighting skills since its founding in 1993. One familiar face of the organization that people can instantly recognize is that of Joe Rogan. From before and after the fights, Rogan has been what some would call the UFC spokesperson. His presence in the UFC has definitely made him the center of the fighting organization, but does he also own the UFC?

First Job With UFC

Rogan has a long history of working for the Mixed Martial Arts company in the past. He first began his career as a stand-up comedian. But as he fell more and more into the fighting world, he discovered MMA while watching a Royce Gracie fight. He then began learning Ju-Jitsu in 1994 and eventually landed a job with UFC as a post-fight interviewer. At this time, the organization owners were Semaphore Entertainment Group (SEG), who created and promoted the first Ultimate Fighting Championship. 

Although Rogan seemed to love his job, it wouldn’t last very long. He eventually left the organization after two years. Rogan stated that he was losing money from his UFC position, which he could have gotten from stand-up comedy. Soon afterward, UFC was handed to its new owner, Dana White, under his company, Zuffa, LLC. He and his business partners bought it from SEG in 2001.

Current Position With UFC

While Dana White served as the new co-owner and president of the UFC, Joe Rogan went back to his comedy career. Rogan would also watch the UFC fights in Las Vegas, eventually becoming friends with White. After seeing his passion and knowledge for the sport during their conversations, Dana White offered another job to Rogan in UFC commentary. After initial reluctance, Rogan temporarily accepted the job and commentated for UFC 37.5. He then made his position permanent, eventually becoming, as Rogan says, “The commentary man” of UFC.

Who Owns UFC Now? 

In 2016, Dana White’s Company Zuffa, LLC, sold 50% of its UFC ownership to a talent agency called WME–IMG (Endeavor). The agency then invited a list of over a dozen celebs to invest in the organization. Interestingly, UFC is now owned by many familiar names such as actor Mark Wahlberg, Tom Brady, and Patriots’ owner, Robert Kraft. Along with these names, WME teamed with Silver Lake Partners, KKR, MSD Capital, L.P., and MSD Partners as current UFC owners.

Does Joe Rogan own UFC?

Joe Rogan does not own UFC. Nor is he one of the investors. WME offered only selected names to invest and own parts of the UFC. Also, Rogan may not have wanted to invest in the company. According to White, UFC was bought for a little over 4 million by WME. And when the Entertainment Group invited the celebrities to buy stakes in the UFC, the minimum investment amount was $250,000. This offer is more than likely an amount that Rogan could have paid. Although Rogan states, in his podcast, that he also commentated for free for over a year, he also had his salary from the popular show he hosted, called Fear Factor. Rogan could have easily bought a small stake in the organization, but more than likely decided not to. Perhaps, he knew that his passion and commentary for the sport was enough for him to be satisfied with his involvement in the company.


Although Joe Rogan has never owned the UFC or invested in it, his presence and contributions to it in the past and present are significant factors in why people love watching the Mixed Martial Arts fights. Joe Rogan has become a household name thanks to his work with UFC, and hopefully, his partnership with the organization will continue for a long time.

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