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Does MrBeast Go to VidCon?

The world’s most popular digital creators collaborate with their fans all in one giant conference known as VidCon. While hundreds of emerging creators are invited, some of the most popular YouTubers question why they don’t get invited.

It’s an unusual tactic to skip out on some of the top names in the industry. Even YouTube’s fastest growing creator, MrBeast, has showed concerns over Vidcon’s selection process. Does MrBeast go to VidCon?

How Creators Get Invited

Attending VidCon as a “featured” creator requires an official invite because of the limited number of spots reserved for special guests. VidCon has several factors they take into consideration before reaching out to a creator for an invite.

While it’s unclear how VidCon determines who gets to go and who doesn’t, invites are not strictly based on the channel metrics of the YouTuber. When selecting, they use a mix of perspective. Those with a clean record are preferred over YouTubers with a history of causing controversy.

MrBeast’s Desire to Attend VidCon

MrBeast has taken YouTube by storm over the past few years. He boasts over 40 million subscribers on YouTube, yet he has never got a single invite for Vidcon.

Fellow YouTuber KEEMSTAR, took to Twitter about his perspective on VidCon’s exclusive invites. He tweeted in April, 2019 about how popular YouTubers never make it to VidCon and even get kicked out for going uninvited. MrBeast replied to Keemstar’s tweet that day saying

I never got invited either, maybe in 2022 I will? Idk

Despite years of dominating the YouTube platform, MrBeast still hasn’t been to VidCon even though he wants to. Not to mention, this wasn’t the only time MrBeast tweeted about the matter.

In March, 2019 the official VidCon Twitter account made a request to the public. “If this gets 1,000 retweets we’ll announce another batch of Featured Creators for #VidConUS on Tuesday”, VidCon said. MrBeast was quick to respond saying, “Can I be one of them? Pretty plz”. It was clear MrBeast tried reaching out, but never heard from VidCon.

VidCon’s Selection Process

MrBeast is known for being one of the biggest philanthropists on YouTube and regularly gives away money to unsuspecting people. He even planted 20 million trees at the request of his fans. With such a positive impact on others, it’s hard to imagine why MrBeast hasn’t even had the chance to go to VidCon and participate.

However, MrBeast does have a controversial background that may be keeping him from going. He has publicly used slurs in the past before gaining popularity. Some have accused him of using fake money and tricking his fans into thinking he’s an actual philanthropist.

While MrBeast has defended his actions in the past, it may still be enough to make VidCon think twice before letting him come.


The digital creators that regularly attend VidCon are specifically invited. Despite his massive influence, VidCon has not invited MrBeast and the exact reason is unknown.

For this reason, MrBeast doesn’t go to VidCon even though he has a desire to do so. Perhaps his controversial background could be the reason after all.

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