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Does MrBeast Smoke?

With MrBeast’s outrageous stunts and extravagant monetary giveaways, he has built a massive 45 million subscriber count on YouTube. Despite his enormous following, MrBeast is an extremely private person.

His fame on YouTube however comes with intensely devoted fans who are heavily invested in his life and are very curious about his daily habits.

Evidence of Smoking

Due to his wholesome persona on YouTube, many people are curious if he takes part in smoking. So far, there are no articles or videos on the internet that can provide fans with a definitive answer.

On the other hand, there have been multiple videos like the video titled “Footage of MrBeast and his Friends Smoking!” that highlights the fact that some of his friends have been known to partake in smoking or vaping. There is evidence in this video that his friends Chris and Chandler do vape.

Around the 3:04 mark in the video, Chandler can be seen vaping right next to MrBeast. It appears that the smoke does not bother him which begs the question: is he comfortable with the smoke because he partakes in it himself?

Comments on Smoking

MrBeast’s friend Chris has commented on a video clarifying that out of their friend group that he, along with Chandler and Garret are the only ones who vape/juul. This suggests that MrBeast does not.

Back in April of 2019, he posted another tweet which read “Anime > Drugs”. With that we can infer that MrBeast does not take part in smoking marijuana, but it is unclear whether he smokes cigarettes.

Moreover, in August of 2018, MrBeast posted a tweet on twitter stating “I’ve never had a sip of alcohol…”. This further supports the fact that despite the ease of access and influences around him, MrBeast seems to practice incredible self control and is not easily swayed by social factors.


Although there isn’t definitive proof whether MrBeast smokes or not, we can make a deduction based on various pieces of evidence. His own statements, comments his friends have made, and his videos suggest that MrBeast does not smoke.

Regardless, whether MrBeast smokes or not should not overshadow the elaborate videos of kindness that have won the hearts of millions of fans.

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