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Does PewDiePie Watch Anime?

Anime is a cross-cultural sensation, and many shows have fan bases that rival PewDiePie’s subscribers.

Several years ago, PewDiePie uploaded a video discussing his anime. Many of his fans were excited, and some had to stop and ask, “Wait, does PewDiePie watch anime?”

PewDiePie’s Anime Video

In 2016, Felix Kjellberg, who the world knows as PewDiePie, uploaded a video titled, “why am I so embarrassed,” where he announced that he finally decided to announce his favorite anime.

In the video, Kjellberg gives a list of his top anime and manga:

You will notice that there is not one mainstream anime present on that list, such as One Piece, Naruto, Bleach, or Fairy Tail,. A Reddit user on an anime thread even said, “That moment when PewDiePie has better taste than 90% of the people on this sub.” Certainly, such titles like Ergo Proxy, Gankutsuou, and Welcome to the NHK prove that Pewds has done some deep diving into the world of anime, since every one of the anime (excluding Ichigo 100%) is considered avant garde.

Fans also pointed out that Pewds called anime “animu” proved how much Kjellberg likes and watches anime. If you don’t know, “animu” is a joke created by Japanophiles and anime lovers and is meant to sound like a Japanese pronunciation of words that are not Japanese.

PewDiePie on MyAnimeList

After releasing his video on his favorite anime, fans immediately went to work. Not only did they want to know how much anime PewDiePie has seen but they also wanted to know if he has read manga. Soon, it was discovered that Pewds had an account on a well-known anime database called MyAnimeList.com (MAL).

The profile shows that Pewdie has been on MAL since 2008. Slowly, Kjellberg has been updating his watched list and manga list, proving that he continues to watch anime, including the latest releases. Fans have also left comments on his profile and complimented his taste in anime.

Recent Exploits with Anime

PewDiePie has been adding more anime-related content recently. Back in 2018 when Netflix released Devilman Crybaby, an avant-garde sci-fi anime about good versus evil, there was a lot of talk on the themes and overall execution of the show. Some people loved it. Others hated it.

Then, PewDiePie gave the world his opinion. In the video, “NETFLIX Actually Did Something…GOOD?”, PewDiePie avidly discusses how much he enjoyed Devilman Crybaby. One of the reasons was that the show had the same art director as Kaiba (see his list of favorites above).

While watching, you can tell that Kjellberg did his homework. He talks about the history of the series, including the original Devilman that first aired in 1972 (followed by other anime spin offs), compliments the show’s soundtrack, and even reflects on reasons why he enjoyed watching the show.

PewDiePie has also collaborated with The Anime Man on a “Real vs. Fake Anime Challenge” video. And in April 2020, Pewds even posted a commentary on the anime YuGiOh, which was based off the YuGiOh card game that was popular in the early 2000s. His video currently has over 5.4 million views.


Judging his presence on MyAnimeList and his knowledgeable discussions on anime like Devilman Crybaby, you can tell that PewDiePie does more than watch anime; he is a true fan.

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