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Does YouTube Have a Sleep Timer?

Sleep timers are very useful for people who like to put on a video or some music and fall asleep while still watching or listening. The sleep timer will intervene after a period that you decided beforehand and switch off whatever is playing without you needing to do anything.

As of right now, Youtube does not have a built in sleep timer. Unfortunately, there is not an option for automatically switching off your device after a certain length of time in YouTube. Fortunately, there are still some solutions.

Sleep Timers on Different Players


If you switch off autoplay on Youtube, your TV will play the entirety of the video that you picked and then, if your TV supports this can, the screen will time out. This means that you can put on a video that lasts for an hour or even half an hour, such as a full album, and let that play while you fall asleep.


Almost all computers have sleep timers already installed which means that once you have switched on your sleep timer, you can put any Youtube video on, with or without autoplay, and drift off to sleep.

iPhone and iPad

If you are an Iphone or Ipad user, then there has been a built in sleep timer since iOS 7. To put on a sleep timer, go to your Clock app and set a timer. Then, tap “when timer ends” and scroll to the bottom and you will see “stop playing”. Select this, start the timer and go to YouTube and you will have a sleep timer.

Android Phone

For those on Android, you will need to download a sleep timer app. These function very well and are straightforward. It is the best way to get a sleep timer for YouTube at the present time.


In summary, there is not a sleep timer tied directly to Youtube. However, you can use your device’s sleep timer if it has one, or you can switch off your autoplay and your screen will time out and switch off.

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1 thought on “Does YouTube Have a Sleep Timer?”

  1. Since very recently,youtube does not time out on my Samsung,although autoplay is off.
    My tablet remains on indefinitely.
    I am unable to use my sleep hypnosis videos or a,s.m.r. artists.
    This is a great loss, I can not find a remedy.
    I have returned to previous app.version,still stays on with looping symbol.
    Might it be ok if I purchase videos ?

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