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5 Educational Kid YouTube Channels Not To Be Missed

YouTube has become a hub for those eager to learn just about anything! Even children can not only have fun but also learn through interactive and educational videos.

If you want to keep the little ones entertained and educated, you’ve hit the jackpot! We have rounded up 5 exciting YouTube channels that will stretch their minds in new ways.

Peekaboo Kidz

Peekaboo puts the cheer in the word ‘cheerful’, as it engages children in a colorful world of animated learning. Their selection of sing along songs come with lullabies, phonics and classic English songs.

In their show, Dr. Binocs, children get to adventure through the wonderful world of science, as Dr. Binocs answers curious questions that kids have.

Why do we laugh? Why do we sleep? The lovable Dr. Binocs answers questions like this in simple and digestible nuggets for the little ones.

  • Videos: 372
  • Subscribers: 1,250,000

Cool School

The words ‘cool’ and ‘school’ are rarely used in the same sentence, but Cool School delivers just what its name says! These videos are filled with storytellers, craft teachers and superheroes. The channel combines laughter, learning and playing for various age groups.

Their popular reading time with Miss Booky, brings stories to life through her costume changes and adventurous storytelling. Cool School encourages creativity, listening skills and learning new songs that will improve their memory!

Cool School understands that children need their interests piqued and are much more likely to engage in what they enjoy. Their channel brings together a fun and excitable learning experience for children. 

  • Videos: 685
  • Subscribers: 1,260,000

Go Noodle

Get them moving, with Go Noodle! As much as children need their math, science, and English — we can’t forget a vital part of their learning and growth is their physical health. This channel aims to bring out the brave, confident and best selves out of kids.

Every month over 14 million kids join their dance along videos, including running, stretching, learning deep breathing, and simply having a ball at home.

Go Noodle incorporates an easy and amusing way to get children busting a move and getting their exercize in at the same time. If they need to burn energy or calm down before bed, try Go Noodle! They provide bonding time for the whole family.              

  • Videos: 159
  • Subscribers: 1,020,000

Art for kids hub

Art for kids hub is an extraordinary art channel for kids. What makes it unique is that it is hosted by an entire family, both parents with their four kids draw together. No matter your kids’ art skills, they can follow along as the dad, Rob, goes through a step by step process with one of the kids, drawing lovable characters and items.

All you need is markers, colored pencils and some paper and your kids will be on their way to developing a new skill. One of their popular series is on Fortnite. You can draw alongside them and watch them grow in confidence over time.

Art for kids hub engages children in an exciting drawing process that is sure to compose great art for them to be proud of.

  • Videos: 1,823
  • Subscribers: 3,440,000

Sesame Street

You might not know this, but the popular hit show, Sesame Street, has its own YouTube channel. You can find the classic characters you came to love. You will see Murray Monster, Elmo, and Cookie Monster!

To name a few, there is series on science, ‘Monster Fixes’ and story time. Their videos achieve both educational and entertainment purposes, with a nostalgic feeling for parents.

Sesame Street has acquired over 18 million subscribers for a reason. Their YouTube channel is full of opportunities for children to learn. They feature alphabet songs, colors and problem solving.

  • Videos: 3,066
  • Subscribers: 18,300,000


Learning can be either daunting or an adventure. These 5 YouTube channels provide the tools kids need to thrive. They will challenge kids mentally and physically and help grow their creativity.

Now kids can dive into science, reading and dancing — all in the comfort of your home. So, let the adventure begin.

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