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10 Family YouTubers That Live in Utah

If you thought YouTube was just for makeup tutorials, comedy sketches and music videos think again. Family vlogs are extremely popular on YouTube, and many Utah families make a living off of their family-friendly channels.

Here are ten YouTuber families living in Utah who do just that. 

Shonduras — Shaun McBride and Family

With his initial fame starting as one the very first Snapchat celebrities, Shaun McBride AKA ‘Shonduras’ migrated to YouTube to create daily vlogs in 2014. He has collaborated with brands like Disney, Google, Taco Bell, and AT&T. His profile picture of a face buried in fruit loops explains his childlike aesthetic perfectly.

He is known for his finger-drawings and making creative skateboarding and gaming videos. He and his wife Jenny have two kids and the whole family is involved in their channel. Some of their most popular videos are World’s First Cereal Baby, with over 64 million views, and Ultimate Baby toy Room with over 32 million views.

  • Location: Clearfield, Utah
  • Videos: 1,335
  • Subscribers: 2,520,000

The Beach House — Michael and Beach

The Beach House is the perfect stop for family-friendly content. Featuring family adventures, escape rooms and treasure hunts, the channel is lighthearted and good for the whole family.

Most of their videos are about 20 minutes, but several are over an hour long. And, with over a thousand videos on their channel, they have hours of fun, kid-friendly content. But, if you ever do run out of videos to watch, they also have a Fix and Flip channel, a gaming channel, and a Treasure Family channel for more fun and games.

  • Location: Utah
  • Videos: 1,351
  • Subscribers: 1,120,000

What’s Inside — Daniel and Lincoln Markham

This father-son duo unwraps what’s inside random objects. Daniel and his fourteen-year-old son Lincoln cut open objects and share what they discover for curious viewers.

Watch them cut open a wasp nest, Etch A Sketch, or a fidget spinner. The project started as a 2nd grade school project in 2014 and grew to a weekly practice of cutting things open for millions of viewers.

  • Location: Kaysville, Utah
  • Videos: 304
  • Subscribers: 7,020,000

8 Passengers — Franke Family

Head over to the channel 8 Passengers to see family content ranging from how to say sorry to how they homeschool six kids. Some of their recent content includes how the entire family coped coming down with COVID and quarantining for a month.

Most of their videos are about eight minutes long, and all center around their family motto, “beauty in the simple life.”

  • Location: Springville, Utah
  • Videos: 1,356
  • Subscribers: 2,440,000

Working with Lemons — Bagley Family and Friends

Disney fans, this one’s for you. Working with Lemons is known for its Frozen covers and Disney parodies. One of their more popular playlists shows Frozen 2, in Real Life.

Robbie Bagley directs his family and friends in these fantastic covers that bring animated Disney magic to life with talented actors and special effects. Their family-friendly videos of music and sketch covers include popular movies like Hamilton and Moana.

  • Location: Riverton, Utah
  • Videos: 343
  • Subscribers: 3,670,000

Ellie + Jared — Ellie and Jared Mecham

The Mecham’s get personal on this channel about their struggle to have a family. After three years of struggling to have a baby and many, many tests, Ellie was diagnosed with PCOS, a type of infertility. However, after much trying Ellie was able to get pregnant. They now they have two young boys and use their channel to share stories about their ‘miracle babies’, as they call them.

Spreading a positive attitude, recent videos include Jared throwing the kids an at-home Disneyland experience during the pandemic, explaining their back to school coping in 2020, and tours of their new house.

  • Location: Logan, Utah
  • Videos: 1,934
  • Subscribers: 1,620,000

Bonnie Hoellein — Hoellein Family

Follow along with the Hoellein Family’s daily adventures. Bonnie started making makeup tutorial videos in 2013 and soon shifted to posting vlogs about her family, like daddy-daughter tag’ and “toddler boy haircut’.

She has also posted several videos detailing her pregnancy, childbirth, and parenting. And she still dabbles in makeup videos, like this recent everyday makeup tutorial.

  • Location: Logan, Utah
  • Videos: 1,491
  • Subscribers: 1,350,000

Aspyn and Parker — Ovard Family

Follow Aspyn Ovard throughout her pregnancy on this channel about parenthood. See their journey from when Aspyn first tells Parker she’s pregnant, to finally picking their baby girl’s name. The couple also posts their travel adventures to Bora Bora, Hawaii, Paris and more. And, Aspyn has transparent vidoes about her experience with plastic surgery.

Aspyn has been vlogging for ten years and is only 24 years old! The couple met in high school and are now happily married, living in Salt Lake City.

  • Location: Salt Lake City, Utah
  • Videos: 864
  • Subscribers: 2,110,000

The Bucket List Family – Gee Family

In 2015, the Gees decided to quit their jobs, sell everything and leave Utah for a worldwide trip together with their three kids. To document their family travels, they created a YouTube channel and an Instagram. Watch as they visit 50 countries in 100 weeks. Five years later, they are now full-time travelers journaling every step of their journey known as The Bucket List Family.

  • Location: Hawaii
  • Videos: 288
  • Subscribers: 1,170,000

A Griffiths Life — Griffiths Family

If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to wander through Ikea with small children in a stroller, feeling lost for good then the Griffiths’ channel is perfect for you. The Griffiths post honest, real-life videos of what it’s like to raise their two kids, sharing the good, the bad, and the ugly side of parenting.

  • Location: Utah
  • Videos: 193
  • Subscribers: 63,500


YouTube is so much more than tutorials and sketch comedy, as these Utah family vloggers prove. There are personal and fun videos about these Utah families’ lives and adventures. These Utah Family YouTubers have heartwarming, positive, authentic content for the whole family.

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  1. The Dashley’s are my favorite Utah based family creators! They came into the spotlight with their Costco hauls, and still do those, but a lot of other things as well. Dallen and Ashley have 3 kids and are honest and fun. I never get bored watching their videos! (:

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