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Best Fashion YouTubers over 40

Are you over 40 and in need of some fashion guidance? Luckily, even in the oversaturated market of fashion YouTubers, there are a handful of women in their 40s that can guide you with your styling woes.

Here are the 5 top fashion YouTubers over 40 who are dominating the fashion community.

1. Busbee Style — Erin Busbee

Erin Busbee is a fashion YouTuber whose videos focus on helping women over 40 regain their sense of style. She provides great tips and tricks on how to elevate your style. She proves that a busy lifestyle doesn’t necessarily mean that your wardrobe has to suffer. Her videos range from how-to’s and outfit tips to finding the most flattering styles of clothing for your body type. If you are over 40 and struggling with your style, head over to her channel with a plethora of videos that will walk you through the world of fashion.

  • Age: 46
  • Location: Colorado, United States
  • Videos : 590
  • Subscribers: 415,000

2. MsGoldgirl — Marnie Goldberg

Marnie’s videos are geared toward women over 40 who are searching for a balance between fashion and comfort. She showcases videos such as loungewear looks and different ways to style skinny jeans – videos that appeal to the everyday woman. With over 22 million views on her channel, not only does she offer relatable fashion content for women over 40, but she also speaks on topics such as healthy living, skincare and beauty.

  • Age: 47
  • Location: San Antonio, United States
  • Videos : 1,814
  • Subscribers: 120,000

3. What to Wear – Fashion Over 40 — Gemma

If you are looking for simplicity and elegance when it comes to your wardrobe, Gemma’s videos are certainly a must watch. The theme of this channel is focusing on specific articles of clothing and providing you with examples on how to achieve classy and elegant looks with those pieces. You will find excellent videos like 10 different ways to wear a scarf or how to style a white blazer.

  • Age: 40+
  • Location: United Kingdom
  • Videos : 226
  • Subscribers: 108,000

4. Frédérique BrosFrédérique Bros

Frédérique is a french fashion stylist. She delivers videos that encourage older women to embrace their bodies and provides guidance on how to accentuate certain features through clothing. What makes her unique is that her outfit ideas exude an understated sophistication that is characteristic of French fashion. In addition to her styling videos, she also showcases her knowledge on beauty related topics such as makeup and other beauty secrets that help women over 40 carry themselves with more confidence.

  • Age: 47
  • Location: Sydney, Australia
  • Videos : 88
  • Subscribers: 60,800

5. Fashion and Style Edit Jess Seaman

Jess Seaman is a UK based fashion YouTuber that compiles elegant and chic outfit ideas into her videos to provide viewers with fashion inspiration. She is very enthusiastic about high street fashion and pieces that are made to last. Many of her videos focus on minimalism and essentials that feature clean and sustainable brands. If you are looking to do more with less, Jess Seaman’s channel is definitely worth checking out.

  • Age: 41
  • Location: United Kingdom
  • Videos : 176
  • Subscribers: 59,700


There seems to be a misconception that once we reach a certain age that fashion and style have to be sacrificed for the seemingly more important things in life. However, these YouTubers are proof that with proper guidance and resources, you can achieve the look you desire at any age.

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