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How Did Vanoss Meet His Crew?

“You see that smoke over there, Vanoss?” Delirious scopes in on the sky’s animation in Grand Theft Auto 5.

“What? Where?”

“Is that the moon? Oh, that’s the moon.” Vanoss and Delirious break into a burst of shared laughter as the scope encircles an image of the moon peeking out from behind the clouds.

Any fan of VanossGaming is undeniably a fan of Vanoss’s crew – also known online as the Banana Bus Squad. It is also clear that his videos would be far less entertaining without the group’s priceless commentating.

While Vanoss had a motive of his own to create and maintain a gamer YouTube channel, his association with other famed YouTube gamers ushered him toward his admirable reputation. At the end of the day, the Banana Bus Squad holds a significant portion of VanossGaming’s success.


Currently coming in as the 95th most-subscribed channel and home to at least 600 video uploads is VanossGaming, a channel created by Evan Fong. Vanoss is among one of YouTube’s fastest-growing channels. Alongside Vanoss himself, the channel recognizes various other gaming channels in hilarious Let’s Play uploads and montage-style videos.

About the Crew

More often than not, fellow gamers who collaborate on his playthroughs are members of Vanoss’s crew. The crew, known as the Banana Bus Squad, has been evolving since VanossGaming’s launch in 2011. While the group has changed over the years, each member – both past and present – personally holds responsibility in creating the humorous content that has acquired such a following. Fans often ask how Vanoss came to meet the crew, which includes several other YouTubers, most of who have channels and content separate from VanossGaming. Upon starting a channel, he searched YouTube for other gamers like himself, and soon enough, Vanoss came to befriend several people with whom to share content.

Vanoss’s crew was originally separated into two friend groups, and it wasn’t until after Delirious reached out in late 2012 that Vanoss met many of the members that we know and love today. From there, the two groups of friends all meshed together and continued to collaborate. 

Moo Snuckel

The very first gamer Vanoss met on YouTube was Brock Barrus, more commonly known as Moo Snuckel. Moo is known online as a comedic gamer and is considered to have a very upbeat personality by fans. Moo explained in a video uploaded in 2014 that he met Vanoss when both were fresh to the platform in 2011. He claims to have come across Vanoss’s channel and was very impressed, so Moo sent him a message wishing him luck with his channel. The two continued to chat, each giving advice and tips on the other’s channels. They began playing Call of Duty together once Vanoss made the switch to Xbox, and became good friends.


Tyler Wine, known online as I AM WILDCAT, was the second crew member for Vanoss to befriend and is a fellow YouTube gamer. Wildcat’s content consists of playthroughs of his favorite games and is well known for his insulting humor and unexpected rage. While Vanoss searched for new YouTubers in his early days on the platform, he came across Wildcat and invited him to a party. Since then, the two continued frequently playing together. The two met in 2011, shortly after Vanoss met Moo, and the three bonded over Hidden Masters. Following closely behind, the three gamers came together and Vanoss uploaded a video playing Call of Duty together.

Big Jiggly Panda

Big Jiggly Panda, or Anthony Brown, was the third YouTuber to collaborate with Vanoss. Panda is well known for his high-pitched laugh and his weird sense of humor. Vanoss met Panda through Wildcat, who introduced him to the rest of the group. The other three took a liking to Panda and he appeared in various collaboration videos with them. It is understood that Vanoss sent a message to Panda and the others and asked them to create a “crew”. Panda tapered off when the group got into Grand Theft Auto, but he has been seen in many Call of Duty playthroughs in the years preceding 2014 and they are still close friends.

Racingcatz & Screwologist

Still in the early days of his YouTube career in early 2012, Vanoss met Racingcatz (Cody) and Screwologist. The two were subscribers to his still-small channel, and the three did a random playthrough together. Not long after, Vanoss met Racingcatz and Screwologist, and they were both introduced to the other three members and the group of six continued to play together.


Brian Hanby has become known across YouTube as Terroriser. Terroriser is an Irish video gamer, celebrated for his notable impressions of Arnold Schwarzenegger and Bane from Batman.  His content generally consists of game playthroughs and commentating as well as the occasional vlog. Vanoss and Terroriser connected after Vanoss had the thought to create a playthrough with auto-tuned commentating. He searched others who may have done so and found Terroriser’s content, praised his videos, and even promoted him on his channel. The two soon became close friends, and Terroriser starred in a video with Vanoss in November of 2012


Jonathan, famously known across YouTube as H2ODelirious or Delirious, currently has more than 12 million subscribers on his channel. Delirious is very well known for his diverse gaming YouTube channel which he started in 2007. He is also appreciated for his humorous content and maintains intrigue over the fact that he has never revealed his face to his fans. Delirious and Vanoss first connected through YouTube in late 2012Delirious first sent a message to Vanoss, claiming to enjoy his Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 content, and asked to collaborate on future videos. The message resulted in the two becoming good friends, and from this friendship grew various more.  

BasicallyIDoWrk, CaRtOoNz, 407, & Nogla

Marcel Cunningham, known online as BasicallyIDoWrk, is a gaming YouTuber well-known for his commentating. Before having met Delirious, Vanoss and friends initially met BasicallyIDoWrk on a playthrough of Call of Duty. However, BasicallyIDoWrk was only officially introduced to Vanoss after the acquaintance of Delirious and Vanoss.

Scott, online as 407 (Fourzer0seven), recognized Delirious in a Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 match. There, they would often invite fellow gamers, and they all came to like each other. Luke Patterson, better known as Cartoonz, became friends with Delirious and BasicallyIDoWrk after the two met Fourzer0seven. 407 and Cartoonz were both introduced to Vanoss through Delirious – just like BasicallyIDoWrk.

Daithi De Nogla, whose name is David Nagle, began his YouTube channel in 2012. Nogla is well-known and appreciated for his Irish background. He has popular humor, which includes random outbursts of gibberish. Vanoss was also introduced to Nogla through having first met Delirious, who was previously acquainted with Nogla through BasicallyIDoWrk.

There have been several other members of the Banana Bus Squad who also met Vanoss through Delirious and other members over the years. These include but are not limited to Mini Ladd, Lui Calibre, Ohmwrecker, Bryce Games, Smii7y, SilentDroidd, and Mr. Sark. Many of these members have left the crew or have become inactive as of recent years.


The VanossGaming crew, or the Banana Bus Squad, has taken several years to evolve and grow. Nearly all of the members met through YouTube and mutual gamers. Ultimately, it has gained numerous members and formed many solid friendships. VanossGaming has continued to post relevant and welcomed content that maintains significant followings, alongside his fellow YouTube creators. Fans adore seeing uploads of Vanoss and his friends, and their collaborated games hopefully won’t end anytime soon. All in all, the channel’s hilarious content would not be the same today without each of the friends that Vanoss has developed throughout his YouTube career.

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  1. Im really not entirely sure why Miniladd left but I guess he wanted to do different things? Either way, its kinda ridiculous he just stopped playing with one of his friends. The dude plays video games for a living would it kill him to appear in a Vanoss video once in a while and just record something else that day and post it to his channel? Vanoss has appeared in some of his friends videos which hasnt appeared on his own channel – he did a Mario Kart video with Nogla for example.

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