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How Does Dude Perfect Make Money?

Dude Perfect is one of the most famous content creators on the internet today. From their viral videos to their Nickelodeon TV show, the five best friends who met while studying at Texas A&M bring in some major money.

Their very first video in 2009 had 200,000 views within the first week. Since then they’ve been a YouTube and pop culture sensation.

So how much money does the group actually bring in, and how on earth do they earn it? Let’s see.

How much money does Dude Perfect make?

It’s estimated that in 2020, Dude Perfect is worth a whopping 30 million dollars, up from 20 million last year. From YouTube alone, they bring in about 17 million dollars a year.

With their almost 54 million subscribers on the platform, they’re easily one of the highest-paid channels on YouTube.

How do they earn their money?

Dude Perfect doesn’t just make money on YouTube. They have several income streams that have grown their brand into the empire it is today. Here are some their major ones.


As we talked about earlier, their YouTube channel is a significant moneymaker. The $300,000 that they make on average for each video is more than most of us make in a few years. And with over 200 videos uploaded to date, that’s a lot of money.

The channel brings in roughly 265 million views each month.


The dudes have a line of merch available on their website, complete with a line of Nike Dri-Fit apparel to fit their love for sports. They also have branded backpacks, basketballs, socks, hoodies, joggers, and more.

You can even gift someone a Dude Perfect gift card. The holidays are coming up…


Back in 2011, the group released an Apple smartphone app that turned their iconic trick shots into a fun and enjoyable game right in the palms of your hands. And now, the app Dude Perfect 2, is in the app store. Their app makes them money through ads and in-app purchases.

TV shows

In 2016, The Dude Perfect Show made its television debut on CMT and has grown ever since. Now, it can be found over on CMT’s sister station, Nickelodeon. The comedy/reality show has aired for a total of 48 episodes over three year’s time. The earnings from their show aren’t public but it certainly isn’t penny change.


The group is well known for their Christian values, so they have gained endorsements from many family-friendly brands and companies. Some of these include Nerf, GMC, Fiat, Bass Pro Shops, and Pringles.


Much of Dude Perfect’s success has come from their insanely popular YouTube channel, but they have been smart enough to diversify their revenue streams. They also earn income through their merchandise sales, apps, TV show, and endorsements.

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