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How Did Rosanna Pansino’s Dog Die?

March 9, 2020, brought forth unfortunate news from YouTuber and baker, Rosanna Pansino. The star took to Twitter to announce the heartbreaking death of her dog Cookie, saying that, “Even though she was taken too soon, she filled each and every day with happiness, laughter, and companionship.”

The loss understandably touched most of us as Rosanna was apt to let fans get to know and appreciate Cookie’s personality through social media. Rosanna’s YouTube channel currently holds over 12 million subscribers who were, unsurprisingly, fans of Cookie just as well.

About Cookie

Cookie was a French Bulldog born on September 15, 2014. She was named after Cookie Monster on the popular children’s show Sesame Street.

Rosanna announced the adoption of Cookie in a video she uploaded on January 17, 2015. She allows fans in on her fun, puppy tendencies while saying, “She’s four months old and she’s a little bit tired because she’s been playing all day.”

In addition to the various videos that feature Cookie on Rosanna’s YouTube channel, she posted on Facebook in 2018 characterizing Cookie as a “companion animal”. She exhibited a clear appreciation for the fact that Cookie naturally acted as Rosanna’s shadow. 

Cookie’s Health Problems

On March 4, 2020, only four days before Cookie’s passing, Rosanna updated fans on twitter about the dog’s recent affliction. She explained that Cookie refused to eat, and soon noticed that she hadn’t been feeling well. Rosanna felt that something was wrong and immediately took Cookie to the vet. While the veterinarian claimed that the pup had been relatively fine, Rosanna insisted on running tests to be sure.

Rosanna later hopped on Twitter to notify her followers that Cookie’s ultrasounds and other tests had come back normal, although her blood levels remained “way too high”. Rosanna would soon rush Cookie to the emergency vet clinic, only to find out that Cookie had been undergoing kidney failure, a problem that is incurable in dogs.

Cookie’s Death

While her loss was painful and devastating, especially after the recent passing of her father, Rosanna dutifully uploaded a video to YouTube in the weeks following Cookie’s death, explaining to fans what had happened to her pup.  

Though eventually diagnosing Cookie with Kidney Disease, doctors were unable to identify what had caused the kidney issues in the first place. Rosanna explained that with daily medication, Cookie may have pushed through her disease and potentially could have lived. 

However, Cookie’s blood levels only worsened. Her body had an unfortunate autoimmune reaction, attacking itself. Rosanna and doctors did all that they could to help Cookie, but after four days of fighting, Cookie was unable to overcome her kidney problems and passed away far too soon.


The unwelcome death of Cookie brought forth a plethora of emotions for Rosanna, and in consequence, her fans as well. Kidney Disease eventually succeeded in taking the star’s furry friend long before she had hoped; however, Cookie fought for four long days. Despite the ultimate heartbreak, Rosanna proved, alongside her companionate pup, that she would go the extra mile to conquer a loved one’s misfortune.

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