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How to Meet Famous YouTubers

“I was shopping and ran into a loyal subscriber!” a prominent YouTuber exclaims in a vlog reaching millions of people. We all crave to be that subscriber that is experiencing a once in a lifetime serendipitous moment. Unfortunately, not all of us can win the coincidental star sighting lottery. So how can we too meet our favorite creators?

Why Do You Want to Meet This Person?

Before buying a premium ticket to a meet and greet, ask yourself – why do I want to meet this person? While reading these tips, keep in mind if you’d rather meet this creator in order to form a business connection or to just say to hello. Either reason is a worthy one, but tailor your message and conversation accordingly.

Reach Out Directly

The simplest way to reach out to creators is by contacting them directly. Nick Nimmin gives tips on this process in his video, but it boils down to reaching out publicly, not privately. Any personal emails or Facebook accounts should be avoided. They’re private for a reason and disrespecting this will only annoy your favorite creator and possibly lead to your account being blocked. Instead, find your favorite creator’s Instagram or Twitter and keep your message short and sweet. These creators are busy so don’t take up too much of their time. Messages through these platforms can be sent through comments, dm’s, or tagging them in a post you create. It may take time for them to notice you but the more they see your name, the more they’ll want to hear what you have to say.


No matter how popular the channel or introverted the creator, many YouTubers have hosted their own meetups as a way to connect with fans. Often this is a smaller crowd from the nearby area of where the meetup is held. This can give you the chance to connect one on one with famous creators in a chill setting. Follow the YouTuber’s channel and other social media to stay up to date for postings regarding these events.


One of the most talked about sources to meet YouTubers face to face is VidCon. This year’s event was cancelled due to safety concerns over Covid-19. However, countries like Mexico have already announced plans for a 2021 VidCon and other places are sure to follow suit. In the future when this convention comes back around, you’ll want to enter the meet and greet lottery. When you buy your ticket from VidCon, you’ll receive a link to the meet and greet page. Here you’ll pick the top 15 creators you want to meet and list your top pick first. You can change your choices throughout the lottery week so don’t stress if your list isn’t finalized until the last day. A week later, VidCon will email you your results of the 2-4 creators you will meet! This method is the costliest, with single day passes starting at $90, but the most efficient way to meet a creator.


Many people long to be that one in a million subscriber that stumbles upon their favorite creator. This could be you with a goal, persistence, and ticket to any meetup you can get your hands on. Meeting famous YouTubers typically happens at meet-and-greets and other big conferences, which aren’t too hard to come by. Stay up-to-date with their upcoming events and you can certainly find ways to meet your favorite stars.

Zoom Mixer

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