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5 Inspiring Christian YouTubers Not To Be Missed

The Christian community makes up a small portion of the booming 31 million channels on YouTube. However, the impact of some of those channels is nothing short of life-changing! So, we have saved you some time by rounding up 5 Inspiring Christian YouTubers, who are sure to challenge and shape you in your faith. 

5 Inspirational Christian YouTubers to Follow

Jon Jorgenson

Jon’s YouTube channel skyrocketed years ago with his popular spoken word poem ‘Who You Are’ . Since then, he has produced heartfelt messages to inspire the broken, dejected and discouraged Christian. You can find Jon teaching topical series on relationships, secular music, modesty and God’s will for your life, in the light of the Gospel.

Jon provides a fresh and insightful voice to those who have been beaten down by the detours of life, by allowing God’s Word to seep into every one of his words.

Kian Tilton

Kian Tilton is an on the rise Christian YouTuber. She is unafraid of sharing the uncomfortable and sometimes messy details of her life before Christ. Her testimony is evidence of the 180 degree anyone’s life is capable of taking, from ‘sugar daddies’ to the struggle for purity. Kian documents her faith and life, to combine a relatable and encouraging influence for her viewers. 

The message of ‘tears to testimony’ is what Kian’s candid videos are all about. If you’re looking for a down to earth, ‘engaging in real life’ YouTuber, Kian will inspire you to live beyond your past.

Allen Parr – The Beat

THE BEAT by Allen Parr is the ultimate ‘answers’ to commonly asked questions in the Christian sphere. The main purpose of his channel is to engage in practical and biblical encouragement in his short ‘how to’ and ‘why’ videos. Those overlooked and avoided topics on tattoos, women preaching and sexuality are addressed in clear and straightforward messages.

The Bible provides us with answers for our issues today, and Allen comes alongside you as a guide to shed God’s light on our questions of affliction and confusion.


Kirby is energetic, fun and full of life. Her motto is ‘keep on keepin on’, which is just what she’s done despite her painful testimony. When she’s not getting real about the struggles of faith, singleness or digging into a bible study, she brings out her drama clothes for hilarious Christian related skits

An authentic, truth filled friend is what Kirby is to those who watch her videos. You can follow her journey knowing that some way it will aid yours too.

Marcus Rogers 

Challenging. Bold. Obedient. Those are three words that embody Christian YouTuber, Marcus Rogers. If staying current is important to you, Marcus deals with a variety of controversial topics facing our present culture. Often uncovering, encouraging, lovingly rebuking and educating believers.

Marcus challenges Christians to view the world beyond its physical sense, but to question, to discern and to live out a biblical view in a world with a broken view. 


Whether you need encouragement, answers to life’s difficult questions, some good-humored Christian content, or someone who will get down into the mud of life with you. These are but a few Christian YouTubers, in that tiny community making a big difference.

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  • Melissa Mayburgh is a 23 year-old, South African content writer and editor, who has found her passions in ministering to young women and her purpose through writing. She is working toward her certification in Bible Teaching and hopes to counsel young people in the future.

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