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Is Blippi a Vegetarian?

Children’s educator superstar Blippi has shared heaps of fruits and vegetables in his YouTube videos, teaching children the importance of eating a healthy diet full of color and nutrients.

While his videos clearly illustrate Blippi’s belief that plants should be a crucial part of one’s diet, his lack of protein-focused content leaves many to wonder if he himself is a vegetarian.

Early Influences

Stevin John — the creative force behind Blippi — grew up in a small town where he was surrounded by farms, tractors, and animals. This influence is evident in Blippi’s educational videos, where he tours different farms around the country showing children some of the wonderful things that come from life on a farm.

Blippi’s Message

Healthy eating is a constant theme in Blippi’s videos including many videos of fruits and vegetables. In his YouTube video “Blippi Learns Healthy Eating For Kids At Tanaka Farm,” Blippi takes a ride on a tractor, eats yellow watermelon, feeds some modern game chicken, and shows his viewers a variety of different produce grown from the farm. He wants children to see how the food they eat gets to their plate.

In videos about “Healthy Eating,” Blippi voices his love for fruits, vegetables, and even farm fresh eggs, one of his go-to breakfast foods. On a trip to an organic farm, Blippi opens the video by showing his lunch of fruit, a hard-boiled egg, and a sandwich with tomato. However, he doesn’t say what other ingredients are in his sandwich.

When around farm animals, Blippi is kind and affectionate, petting the animals and feeding them their favorite foods. He teaches children that animals feel emotions like happiness and love, just like we do.

Is Blippi a Vegetarian?

While the majority of Blippi’s food content emphasizes plant-based eating, a tweet from Blippi in 2018 confirmed that he eats chicken. More recent social media content from Stevin verifies that he loves eating healthy (balanced with an occasional ice-cream indulgence for good measure), and this is the message he shares with children.

Appealing to a Large Audience

As one of the most successful children’s educators on YouTube, getting millions of views per video, Blippi likely wants to appeal to as many different children and types of families as he can.

By focusing his food-related videos and healthy eating series on foods that most people eat: fruits, vegetables, grains, and even chocolate, Blippi ensures that he is not unnecessarily excluding anyone because of their dietary needs and restrictions.

Simultaneously, by showing young children different types of fruits and vegetables, Blippi can teach them about shape, size, and color. Evoking curiosity and, perhaps, preventing picky eaters. By emphasizing his love for fruits and vegetables, Blippi opens the mind of young children, making them curious and inspired to eat healthily.


Amidst his seemingly plant-based diet, Blippi is not a vegetarian. Regardless, it is evident that his passion for fruits, vegetables, and healthy eating is a message he loves to share with children. Time will only tell what other food content Blippi creates in the future. But for now, his emphasis on healthy eating is a trend that we don’t expect to stop.

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