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Is Blippi Married?

“Watching Blippi become part of children’s lives and so, in turn, I became a part of their families’ lives,” explains Blippi about the success of his YouTube show.

The 32-year-old Blippi is a family-friendly, kid-magnet on YouTube. Currently, Blippi has 10.5 million subscribers on YouTube and almost 8 billion views. Because he’s so successful at making videos for kids, fans wonder, does Blippi have a wife and family of his own?

Is Blippi Married?

Stevin has grown to hold a seemingly strong interest in creating lovable content for children and families. It’s only natural to wonder if the YouTube star is married himself or planning to start a family of his own.

Various single moms have commented on how handsome Steven John is. But he’s off the market. Blippi is not married, but he does have a girlfriend, according to the Spinoff.

Blippi’s Girlfriend: Alyssa Ingham

According to The Netline, Stevin is currently dating Alyssa Ingham, who is a long-time girlfriend. The two have reportedly been dating since around 2015. The star has regularly posted about his girlfriend on social media. In the YouTuber’s Instagram bio, he even describes himself as,

 Man of @alyssaingham. 

In February of 2019, Stevin also posted a video of himself with his girlfriend latched to his back, smiling. He captioned,

 I had such an amazing Valentine’s Day yesterday with you 🙂 I love you Boo!!! @alyssaingham

Although that doesn’t answer the question of marriage, it’s safe to assume that Stevin is not afraid to show his fans that Alyssa is his one and only. 

Alyssa seemingly works as both a flight attendant, and with Stevin at Kideo Inc. Her social media provides information on her work-life, claiming that she has had plenty of experience with the youth and enjoys working with them. This goes to show that the two share a common joy—making children happy.  

How Did They Meet?

It’s unknown how Stevin met Alyssa. However, Alyssa’s personal Facebook provides some insight into when they began dating. She first posted a photo with Stevin in October of 2015. 

Stevin’s Instagram page shows that his first post to claim Alyssa as his “girl” was in April of 2017. Granted, the star seemed to only have made an Instagram account three months prior.

Nonetheless, there is little-to-no information out there regarding the couple’s initial meeting. 

Was Blippi Famous Before Alyssa?

Having recognized Blippi’s fame and the evident revenue that he receives through YouTube, fans may wonder whether he met Alyssa before his channel took flight, or whether she could have initially been attracted to Stevin’s money. 

Blippi the YouTuber uploaded his first video to YouTube in January of 2014. As an uncle, he wanted to give his nephew the best entertainment possible, but he noticed that YouTube did not have great content for kids. Soon enough, the star took it upon himself to bring joy to kids’ lives. 

The star’s YouTube channel gained popularity quickly, and in 2016, he was making over $10,000 monthly. It’s assumed that Stevin began dating his current girlfriend in 2015, one year after launching Blippi’s channel. While it’s probable that he could have been making a sufficient income when he and Alyssa met, it’s doubtful that he was anywhere near his current revenue at the time. 

 Although he’s made a current net worth of $20 million, Alyssa and Stevin’s relationship doesn’t seem to revolve around the fame that he’s grown over the past six years. Alyssa’s online presence isn’t a large one. That being said, she doesn’t seem to be dating Stevin for money, and especially not for any fame.

Blippi’s Past Relationships

The YouTube sensation seems to be fairly personal when it comes to his past and his relationships before Alyssa. Regardless, since the two have been dating for nearly his entire YouTube career, any information on his dating life before Alyssa may have been lost in his transition to fame. 

Does Blippi Ever Plan on Getting Married?

It’s unclear whether Stevin has plans to marry his current girlfriend. Regardless, the two of them have been seen cuddling up to each other for several years. It can only be assumed that the couple might someday marry; however, the topic has yet to be spoken on by either of them. 

Does Blippi Have Kids?

Blippi loves children, and his videos captivate them so well that it would make sense if he had years of practice on kids of his own. However, Stevin John does not have children of his own.

Additionally, it’s unsure if he ever will have children. He told Angela Cumming in an interview for the Spinoff

Maybe down the road, I will.


There are a few things about Blippi that we know for sure. Blippi is not married, and he does not have any kids, but he does have a long-time girlfriend. Nonetheless, the lovable YouTube sensation creates kid-prioritized content that children love. And according to their seemingly joyous relationship, there is a strong potential that we might see Stevin and Alyssa married sometime in the future.

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