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Is JackSepticEye Married?

JackSepticEye is one of the most popular gaming YouTubers on the streaming platform, with an impressive 25 million subscribers. With that kind of fanbase, it’s tough to avoid making headlines and being the subject of public speculation – even from behind a screen.

He has publicly shared his personal life, including his relationship status. Read on to find out if JackSepticEye is married in 2020.


Seán McLoughlin, age 30, is the man behind the JackSepticEye username. The Irish gamer posts videos of himself playing video games, vlogging about his life and occasionally acting.

McLoughlin began uploading videos in 2012, and gained popularity after being mentioned in one of PewDiePie’s videos.

JackSepticEye is known for his optimistic demeanor, and his catchphrase “Top of the morning to ya laddies” as a greeting.

Relationship with Wiishu

The public has been no stranger to JackSepticEye’s love life. He previously dated fellow YouTuber, Wiishu (Signe Hansen) for three years. The couple both shared the relationship publicly on their respective YouTube channels. The pair lived together in Brighton.

However, in fall of 2018, JackSepticEye (Seán McLoughlin) announced via Twitter that he had split from Wiishu. He wrote,

This was not an easy decision to make. Sometimes people change and life moves on in different directions. We would really appreciate respect and privacy on this topic moving forward and not gossip or spread rumours. Thank you!

JackSepticEye’s YouTube break

Despite the cheery demeanor, McLoughlin is human and hasn’t always had it easy. In July of 2018, shortly before his breakup from Wiishu, he announced he was taking a brief break from the streaming platform, citing his mental health and burnout as the reasons.

In a video posted to his channel, McLoughlin explains:

My mental health has not been in the best place recently – so the reason I’ve been taking more time off is because I have to.

The timeline of McLoughlin’s mental health break followed by his public breakup announcement a few months later led to speculation that the breakup was related to McLoughlin’s burnout. In a statement, Wiishu mentioned that: “some people have even prematurely put the blame on me and used me as a scapegoat, which is unfair. I’ve been very supportive of Sean as well as the decision to break it off.”

Relationship with Gab

Less than a year after his split from Wiishu, in March of 2019, JackSepticEye confirmed he was in a new relationship with fellow gamer Evelien Smolders, aka Gab Smolders (previously known as GirlGamerGab). JackSepticEye posted a photo of the pair on his Twitter, with the simple caption: “Happy.”

Not long after, Gab posted a similar photo with her new suitor, captioned “Out having a nice lunch with the babe.”

Gab had confirmed her recent divorce in October 2018, around the same time JackSepticEye went through his public breakup.

Who is GamerGirlGab?

Gab Smolders is also a popular YouTuber, known for playing horror games. Her channel has 480k subscribers. JackSepticEye makes frequent appearances in her videos. Her most popular stream, features her and McLoughlin playing the multiplayer party game Fall Guys. The video has over half a million views to date.

She came up with her original Dutch username ‘GebrekAanBeter’ when other usernames she wanted were taken – it means ‘for a lack of better.’ This is how she got her nickname ‘Gab,’ (the first letter to each of Gebrek, Aan, Beter spells out ‘Gab’) which she still goes by.

Gab was previously married to another YouTube gamer, Taiyou Inc, until their 2018 divorce. Gab had appeared in many of Taiyou’s videos, and fans began to refer to him as “Gab-Man.”

Gab and JackSepticEye’s relationship

Gab and JackSepticEye met through mutual friends, when he was 29 and she was 30, after knowing each other over a year.

Some fans have pointed out the fact that Gab announced her divorce three days after JackSepticEye’s public breakup announcement, but they have each remained silent if their respective 2018 breakups are related.

The pair now seems inseparable, with the two of them each making frequent appearances in each other’s videos. JackSepticEye’s “Google Deep Dive With My Girlfriend” video from December 2019 has over 2 million views. It features the couple playfully Googling “weird” questions like ‘how hairy are babies?’ and joking about the ridiculous results.

Of course, the couple games together. Their friendly competitiveness, fun banter and general flirtations through the screen, shows off the undeniable chemistry in their relationship.

At the time the couple started dating, Gab had her own place in the Netherlands, while JackSepticEye lived in Brighton. Gab has since moved in with JackSepticEye in Brighton. Gab frequently tweets about the cat they share together, posting photos and videos of their life at home.

In 2019, JackSepticEye told fans,

Just want to say that @GirlGamerGab is the best thing that’s happened to me in a while! She’s filled me with so much confidence and love for myself. If you’ve seen me smile a lot more lately, it’s because of her!

Is JackSepticEye Married in 2020?

JackSepticEye is not currently married in 2020, but his relationship with Gab is still going strong. Neither Gab or JackSepticEye have hinted at any wedding bells in the near future. But with these two still looking hopelessly in love, fans probably would not be too shocked by a proposal.

For now, he has the support of fans in his current relationship, with many commenting their excitement and happiness for the two of them on recent videos.


JackSepticEye has had two public long-term relationships with fellow YouTubers. He is not married, though is very happily taken. Both JackSepticEye and his girlfriend Gab Smolders had gone through breakups (and in Gab’s case, a divorce) in the fall of 2018.

The couple has made fans wonder if their previous breakups from their former partners were related, as they both made public announcements a mere three days apart.

But with their heartbreaks behind them, the pair seems to be going strong. They each have their fanbase behind them with lots of support for the relationship. So while neither of them have hinted at an impending proposal (yet), if it happens it’s sure to break the internet – or at least the gaming world!

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