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Is Joe Rogan Ketogenic?

Joe Rogan is currently known for his comedic podcast, but prior to that he worked as a mixed martial arts commentator. Upon looking at him though, one would assume he was a fighter, not a commentator. Despite being in his 50’s, Rogan keeps up an excellent physical condition thanks to diet and exercise. With popular diets like keto, atkins, and paleo on the rise, one might wonder if someone as in shape as Rogan participates in any of these.

An Introduction to Keto

The ketogenic diet, commonly referred to as “keto”, is a recently popular low-carb, high-fat diet. This diet involves eating a lot of meat and dairy products, and avoiding foods like fruit, grains, and things with sugar. Ideally, by replacing carbs with fats, the body enters a state of ketosis. While in ketosis, the body begins burning fat and ketones for energy. This results in weight loss and improved insulin sensitivity for those with diabetes, among other health benefits.

Joe Rogan’s Diet

Upon scrolling Rogan’s Instagram, you’ll notice one common element to his posts; elk meat. He frequently posts about preparing and cooking elk meat, ending each post with the hashtag “#ieatelk”. While wild game meat takes up a significant portion of his diet, he also obtains nourishment through green veggies, eggs, and supplements like vitamins and probiotics.

These eating habits are very similar to the ketogenic diet. However, Rogan doesn’t limit himiself to the strict rules of keto but likes to experiment with his eating and occasionally has cheat days. In addition to his high-fat low-carb diet, Rogan participates in another popular diet trend, intermittent fasting. This is a practice of cycling through periods of eating and fasting.

Something important to note is that Rogan has admitted this diet is not for everybody, as people can respond differently to diets. Rogan has stated that he has better mental clarity and energy levels when avoiding carbs. For Rogan’s body, lifestyle, and exercise habits, eating similarly to the ketogenic diet seems to be best for him.

Joe Rogan and the Ketogenic Diet

Rogan’s podcast, The Joe Rogan Experience, has made reference to the ketogenic diet several times. Rogan has spoken about the diet with his guests, and mentioned he prefers a high-fat diet for himself. He has described the processes he goes through to keep his body in ketosis, while giving the disclaimer he has an on again off again relationship with the diet. Despite all this, even though his diet is similar to the keto diet, Joe Rogan is not strictly ketogenic.

The podcast host has also mentioned over ten keto products on the show, bringing awareness and support to this diet. Rogan has a special relationship with one product specifically, Onnit Total Keto Daily. While this product has gained popularity through its affiliation with the podcast, Rogan himself is also an investor in the product.


Joe Rogan eats a diet like a ketogenic diet but does not subscribe to the label. In addition to his diet, he also regularly exercises and participates in intermittent fasting to keep up his impressive physique. Rogan is an advocate for the diet and products affiliated with it without following the rigid meal plan.

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