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Is KSI A Good Boxer?

KSI is a British YouTuber who rose to stardom as a passionate gamer before venturing off into film, VLOGs, and even a career as a musical artist. To date, KSI has 22 million YouTube subscribers and uses his personality to create diversified content. KSI also used his renowned personality to create a splash in the world of boxing in 2017. With three boxing bouts under his belt, both boxing and YouTube fans are still left wondering: Is KSI a good boxer?

KSI vs Joe Weller

In February 2018, KSI fought against YouTube sensation Joe Weller in a head to head amatuer boxing match. The fight was entertaining and had tens of millions of views with KSI winning by technical knockout in the third round. It’s hard to say if this actually qualifies KSI as a “good” boxer since his opponent was an inexperienced boxer. KSI’s technique throughout the fight had flaws compared to a skilled professional boxer.

In the three rounds displayed, KSI fought predictably. He fought often with his hands down which is a sure sign of poor boxing. Weller lacked the reflex and experience to effectively counter KSI’s telegraphed punches. In the first round, KSI repeatedly threw a jab at Weller without even moving his feet. The announcer at one point shouts “Joe hasn’t even thrown a punch yet”. A low caliber amateur boxer tends to have limited footwork, less frequently shifting of their feet. Both boxers demonstrated this limitation throughout the bout. Good footwork allows boxers to set up combo punches and escape quickly from opponent attacks. Instead of using footwork, KSI continued to slug his way to victory while hyperextending his reach and leaving himself vulnerable throughout the fight. It wasn’t a display of good boxing for KSI.

KSI Vs Logan Paul

KSI took his boxing a step further when he took on American YouTube star Logan Paul two separate times. The first bout was an amateur 6-round bout in August 2018 which resulted in a draw. The second match, however, was a professional 6-round bout in November 2019 where the two fought without protective gear. KSI won in a split decision victory according to the judges.

Throughout the first match, KSI was aggressive and regularly looked to connect with hook shots. He also did a fair share of taunting Paul with his hands down. Similar to the Weller fight, Paul was another inexperienced boxer without the skill to punish KSI when he was vulnerable. KSI radically swung undisciplined hooks and occasionally had his feet off the ground. A good boxer knows how to pick quality shots and keep their feet planted at all times. This allows them to retain their balance.

In the second match, both fighters swung chaotically and inaccurately. Multiple blows were thrown by both sides. As the fight went on to later rounds, KSI appeared to be breathing out of his mouth heavily showing his lack of stamina. A good professional boxer trains for 12 rounds. KSI was fatigued because he couldn’t pace his offensive attack throughout the fight. This is yet another sign of a poor boxer.


KSI picked up boxing to entertain his fans and gain popularity. He has stated that he wants to pursue a professional boxing career and at 26 years old, he has potential to do so. From what was seen in three boxing matches, KSI isn’t a good boxer, at least yet. He has flaws in his technique and hasn’t fought a reputable opponent with a boxing background. Only then will he be tested for poor habits such as dropping his hands, not moving his feet, and swinging too aggressively.

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