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Is Markiplier Married?

You’re not alone in your query.

When presented with a handsome 31-year old YouTube personality, many are left wondering—is Markiplier married? The answers aren’t always easy to find in his content. After all, Markiplier doesn’t live his entire life online.

Here’s everything you need to know about Markiplier’s relationship status.

Who is Markiplier?

Behind his screen name, Markiplier is known as Mark Edward Fischbach, and his story begins on the island of Oahu (or Korea, depending on how you look at it).

His parents met while his father was stationed in Korea, and his mother Sunok (also known as Momiplier) moved to the United States to be with him.

As real-life love stories tend to go, they soon conceived Mark, and he was born in ‘89 at the Tripler Army Medical Center while his father was stationed in Honolulu, Hawaii. The Markiplier family soon moved to Cincinnati, Ohio where Mark was raised and ultimately began his career as a YouTuber.

Is Markiplier Single?

As of 2015, Markiplier is no longer on the market. Just like his parents, his love story is a modern fairy tale. His current girlfriend began as a fan, and they first met at a convention.

While Markiplier and his girlfriend began dating in early 2015, their relationship was kept from fans until they attended VidCon together in 2016. The pair officially confirmed their relationship status shortly after via social media.

Who Is Markiplier Dating?

So, who’s the lucky girl? Known as Peebles across her social media, Markiplier’s girlfriend is Amy Nelson, a fellow content creator, graphic designer, and animator.

Amy was born in none other than Cincinnati, Ohio. Born in ‘94, Amy is five years younger than Mark, and not much is known about her private life. While she is currently enveloped in the infamous world of YouTube, she does a good job keeping her personal information private, remaining fairly secretive for a celebrity personality.

While nothing is known about where she works or who her family is, Amy is a fan of social media, posting regularly to Instagram (@iceddorkroast), Snapchat (@peebles.jpg), and Twitter (@iceddarkroast) for her hundreds of thousands of followers.

Who is Markiplier’s Girlfriend, Amy Nelson?

Since her first appearance on Markiplier’s channel in December 2016 on “DON’T LAUGH CHALLENGE #5”, Amy took on a larger role in Markiplier’s life online. She began appearing regularly in his videos and is almost always behind the camera throughout his live-action series.

Amy also edits videos for Markiplier’s channel Unus Annus which was co-created by Mark and Ethan Nestor-Darling (CrankGameplays) in November 2019.

During her rise to fame, Amy began posting to her own YouTube (Planet Peebles) where her boyfriend often made appearances, likely contributing to her 67 thousand subscribers.

Since then, Amy has removed all content on her YouTube channel. Before taking down her videos in early 2019, she shared that she would be spending less time on social media due to “a couple new offline projects.”

It is believed that Amy continues to pursue her passions of graphic design, animation, and video editing, although she keeps the finer details of her life away from fans. In the past few years, she has also branched out and explored her creativity by making ceramic mugs among other offline projects.

How Do Fans Feel About Amyplier?

As with any celebrity relationship, there are some internet trolls, gossip enthusiasts, and haters. Overall, Amy and Mark’s relationship has been taken in stride by fans, who support the relationship known as Amyplier.

Although Amy keeps her personal information private, she still shares her fair share of content with the world.

A quick search on YouTube will yield countless video montages of cute moments shared by the couple across their various social media accounts. Some fans even go as far as to create their own YouTube channels, social accounts, and websites dedicated to their relationship.

Often during videos and live streams where they appear together, fans comment in adoration of their relationship. These fans believe Mark and Amy’s behavior in their relationship sets “couple goals” for others and that they are “so cute” together.

Overall, fans have been supportive of Amy’s relationship with Markiplier, and her reception as an influential personality has helped her to create a fan base all to her own.

Is Markiplier Married in 2020?

There you have it. Markiplier is not married, but he might be soon.

While no news of engagement has come to light, the couple does not appear to be splitting ways any time soon. Amyplier is currently based in Los Angeles, California where they pursue their goals of content creation and share a home together.

Rumors of rocky roads in their relationship have been spreading since Amy removed her YouTube content over a year ago, but Mark and Amy’s social media says otherwise. Amy confirmed that their 5-year relationship is still on in an Instagram post from October 2020.

Although, if the two did decide to part, Amyplier’s priority for privacy may overshadow their desire to keep fans updated.

While Amy Nelson and Markiplier aren’t married, they have been dating for five years and live together in LA, leaving many fans hoping for a proposal in the near future.


Now you know everything. The popular YouTuber Markiplier is not married—but he is taken.

Mark Fischbach lives with his girlfriend of five years and counting, Amy Nelson, who you can find on social media as Peebles.

Although you may not see Mark and Amy post couple-related content often, the two seem content to continue working (and living) together in LA. Markiplier continues to focus on his YouTube channel, where Amy makes primarily off-screen appearances when she’s not busy with her own life.

While many fans suspect that Amy’s diminished online presence in recent years may be due to her and Mark’s relationship status, it likely has more to do with her private personality. If you see gossip about an Amyplier breakup online—it probably isn’t true.


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