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Is Vanoss a Musician?

“For those asking, I won’t be releasing any music for a while… I’ll share it with u all when the time comes.”

If you’ve been following VanossGaming since his start on YouTube, you’ve probably heard through the grapevine – or from Vanoss himself – about his hand in music production. While his main platform has stood as VanossGaming, plenty of fans and fellow gamers are interested to learn whether Vanoss has truly integrated into the music industry.

Interestingly enough, the popular online gamer has other hobbies aside from Call of Duty and Grand Theft Auto. To give you a brief objective regarding his music, I have decided to analyze it myself. Regardless, let’s take a look at Vanoss’s music-related projects.

Who is Evan Fong?

Evan Fong, AKA VanossGaming, is a popular gaming YouTuber from Canada. He is known for his montage-style uploads of him and fellow YouTubers playing their favorite video games. Fong is the owner of one of the largest and most well-known YouTube channels, not only in Canada but also in the world, currently holding more than 25 million subscribers.

Alongside Fong’s YouTube success, he has also branched out into the music industry.

About Rynx

Fong first established Rynx in 2017. The electronic pop label made its debut with a remix of a popular hip-hop group’s song “U-right”. Fong later released his first single “Want You” with Miranda Glory in December of 2017.

In the years that followed, he released various other singles, including:

  • “I’m Alright” with Jimi Ono
  • “Doesn’t matter”
  • “Normal” with JayKode and Alison Wonderland
  • “Hold on” with Drew Love

In October 2019, Vanoss released a full album called “In Pieces”.

The YouTuber also recently released two remixes of his singles, “Want You”, and “I’m Alright” on July 17th, 2020.

Is Vanoss a Musician?

In short, yes, Vanoss is a musician, but he releases his music under the pseudonym “Rynx”. He has been involved in various aspects of musicianship — as a songwriter, composer, mixer, guitarist, and lyricist for his own music.

Vanoss’s involvement with music includes the following:


  • 2019 Hold On
  • 2020 In Pieces (The Remixes)


  • 2017 Want You
  • 2019 Read My Mind
  • 2019 Club Poor


  • 2019 Hold On
  • 2019 Read My Mind
  • 2019 Club Poor
  • 2019 In Pieces


  • 2019 Read My Mind
  • 2019 In Pieces


  • 2017 Want You
  • 2019 Read My Mind

Vanoss is also listed as a producer on the following works:


  • 2017 Want You
  • 2019 Hold On
  • 2019 Read My Mind
  • 2019 Club Poor
  • 2019 In Pieces
  • 2019 In Pieces (The Remixes)

An Assessment of Rynx Music

Fong has built a successful brand with VanossGaming but decided to keep his gaming and music projects separate. I find it impressive that he doesn’t advertise Rynx in his gaming videos; however, his fans are most likely to discover his second role in music eventually.

Although I am not a regular listener of his chosen genre, as with every musician, I am apt to give it a chance. I must say that every Rynx song that I’ve heard is a hit. Not only do they sound great, but the production of his music is also top-notch. In my opinion, his songs go hand in hand with some of the biggest names in the business. Rynx continues to produce high-quality bangers like Drake, Justin Bieber, Katy Perry, and many other popular artists.

It’s tough to recall the last time I saw as many positive comments as those written regarding Rynx’s music. That being said, it is clear that his audience genuinely enjoys his music. Each song that Rynx publishes is loaded with positive comments by pleased listeners.

Rynx’s audience seems to appreciate his work and love his style. Although many VanossGaming fans listen to his music, Fong has gained plenty of new fans through his music as well.

An Assessment of Vanoss as a Music Producer

In the music industry, “music producer” is a significant title and can indicate various responsibilities. There are several tools that electronic music producers can use; many of which are already pre-made like loops, effects, different rhythms, and so on. These programs are generally what music producers use to create music today.

All in all, the job requires the ability to shape a certain sound and even create a basic arrangement. This often entails starting from scratch by creating a drum loop, bass, keyboards, and even include a singing melody.

Music producers must be able to create an “expensive” sound for the song to sound excellent on both a car stereo system and a large stage. The “expensive” sound is essentially the perfect mix; making it so listeners can hear the specifically high-end equipment used in the recording process.

An example of what a quality producer does is as follows: If a guitarist were to play three variations of one take, then the producer should know which of the three variations sounds the best, as well as recognize whether it is a good enough take to record. Musicians come with the material and producers aid in polishing it up to create the final shape. Additionally, music producers should be able to “produce” various artists, not only themselves.

Here are some essential skills a music producer should have:

  • Frequency knowledge
  • Tonality knowledge
  • Ability to create loops and rhythms
  • Familiarity with recording, mixing, and mastering techniques
  • Knowing exactly how to achieve a certain sound

For further understanding, here is Oak Felder, a Grammy-nominated music producer, creating a song.

Vanoss is known across the web as a music producer. Although he is multi-talented – as a guitarist, lyricist, and even a songwriter – it is unclear whether Vanoss is a professional music producer. Vanoss might have a hand in composing and producing his own music, but his talents lie more heavily as an artist.

An Assessment of Vanoss as a Guitarist

If you follow Vanoss and only recognize him as a gamer, then you might be amazed to witness his guitar skills. However, as a musician, I regularly view guitarists like Vanoss and find his skills to be rather average.

While Vanoss is undoubtedly talented, his guitar skills are mediocre. He has good sound, but I am convinced that he has the potential to make considerable progress on his skills to one day play a diversity of guitar licks.

I have found that Vanoss’s guitar-playing in his songs sounds more like a keyboard, but according to comments, his audience is fairly pleased with his abilities.

An Assessment of Vanoss as a Mixer

Creating music is simplified in the electronic world. It is fairly straightforward to create a song that sounds decent, without understanding tonality or the basics of mixing. Mixing is merely one piece in the puzzle of music production.

Mixing an electronic song is simplified because most of the samples used are already halfway mixed. Most already have great signals, they sound nice, and all the unnecessary frequencies have previously been taken care of; leaving a perfect sample. DAW software, plugins, and samples can cost a fortune, but they save a large amount of time. These days, a laptop can do much of the work, but investing in DAW software along with all of the plugins is important.

Mixing entails finding a solid sound and knowing how to adjust equipment and frequencies to create it. Remixing a song means taking an existing song and rearranging it. With electronic music, you can often hear numerous past hits with a new electronic arrangement.

Having a basic knowledge of mixing is good for a demo track, but it is a bit more difficult to produce a sound like Vanoss has.

I would venture to say that Vanoss mastered the skill of finding and creating the quality mix. Sure, his music is electronic and is much easier than mixing live instruments; but achieving his particular kind of voice mix requires valuable equipment. Although purchasing expensive gear and samples will aid in nearly half of the work, Vanoss has still succeeded in mixing great sounds.


As a songwriter, composer, mixer, guitarist, and lyricist in the production of his own music, Vanoss has effectively expanded his abilities as a gamer to that of an authentic musician. While I personally feel that his talent lies more seriously in artistry than music production, Vanoss is clearly multi-talented with respect to his widely-accepted tracks. He has composed various bangers thus far and hopefully won’t stop anytime soon.

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