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Is YouTube Live Streaming Free?

YouTube remains the No. 1 platform for posting, sharing and live streaming videos on the Internet. Google acquired YouTube in 2006 and launched Live shortly thereafter. The Live streaming product was developed in response to Periscope.

Since its inception, YouTube Live has been free to YouTube users. YouTube Live is free for both content creators and viewers to stream videos. Users may wonder how YouTube can offer Live streaming for free? Of course, there are banner ads placed throughout the video just as on uploads that are not streamed live.

One of the aspects YouTube users – both viewers and content providers – may have not accessed previously is the live streaming feature. Live streaming is free to use for posting content and watching it. It could change the way content is created, viewers are engaged, and money is earned from YouTube.

What is YouTube Live streaming?

Anyone with a mobile phone, computer, tablet and Internet connection can access YouTube Live and stream or post videos for free. In fact, it is very easy to begin a vlog on YouTube and add live content for users to watch.

Content providers of all types can live stream videos. A user can live stream something as simple as a video from home to a live event. In fact, there are a host of professional sports teams that live stream content including their games. This is a great way for an organization to showcase an event to the masses without it costing any money to broadcast.

Some YouTube content creators may confuse the platform’s Premium subscription service with Live. The difference is Premium allows users to sign up and stream videos without advertisements. YouTube Live simply allows content creators to stream live shows and viewers to watch them and interact in the moment.

YouTube Live streaming cost

Is YouTube Live streaming free? Yes. YouTube Live streaming is free for content providers and viewers.

The ability to live stream an event for free makes it easy for a content provider to broadcast a show, event, or video without any additional cost. What used to cost money to show live content on television can be streamed for free via YouTube. It can also earn the content creator money in ad revenue.


YouTube is a massive streaming platform with everything from high-quality professional live productions to individuals creating homemade content on their phones and streaming it. The best part about YouTube Live streaming is that it is free and content providers have the potential to reach millions (possibly billions) of viewers.

In addition, viewers have the chance to watch live streams free. It is a great way to get more engaged with content and follow the content creators they love.

YouTube Live streaming can improve a content provider’s ability to attract and engage fans of their channels. For viewers, YouTube Live is an incredibly engaging experience that changes the way they watch videos online.

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