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Why Does Joe Rogan Wear a Fanny Pack?

If you’re a devoted listener to The Joe Rogan Experience, you’ll know that Joe Rogan loves himself a good fanny pack. In fact, he owns several.

For those who have only caught glimpses of Joe Rogan sporting one of his favorite accessories, we’ll explore how Joe Rogan feels about fanny packs and why he wears one.

How Does Joe Rogan Feel About Fanny Packs?

Joe Rogan is intensely passionate about the topic of fanny packs, and along with them, purses. He believes it is ridiculous that society has deemed certain bags acceptable for men and other bags unacceptable.

In 2013, he told his followers they needed to “take back the fanny pack” and recommended that men and boys start wearing purses. He criticized society for gender bias surrounding fanny packs, claiming people would look at him like a “freak of nature” if he wore a fanny pack in public. Rogan believes that society should focus less on looking good for other people and caring what others think. 

Luckily for Rogan, as of 2018, there are claims that the fanny pack is back. In an Instagram post from 2018, Joe agrees that fanny packs look “stupid”—but that’s something he loves about them. He tells his fans that “we could all do a lot better if we concentrated more on convenience and genuinely not [caring], and less on looking good.”

Why Does Rogan Love Fanny Packs?

Rogan has said himself “I don’t have any fashion taste,” so we know he doesn’t sport the fanny pack to be fashionable.  But he would recommend a fanny pack to anyone who needs to carry items around (aka almost everyone), especially men.

He loves the convenience of a good fanny pack. At any given time, Rogan keeps his phone, wallet, and keys inside the bag. He might also keep miscellaneous items like medication or a utility knife in his fanny pack when he needs them.

He also finds them extremely useful for holding the necessities when running. Men who don’t support the fanny pack might say that their pockets are sufficient, but we all know it can be a gamble to keep your phone in your pocket on a run.

With a zippered fanny pack, Rogan never has to worry about the safety of his valued property. The fanny pack is a comfortable and functional bag for Rogan to carry his things.

How Does Joe Rogan Wear a Fanny Pack?

Joe Rogan believes there is a specific way you should wear a fanny pack. By clipping it around your waist with a pocket right in front of your belly, you can have easy access to all your items.

He sees the true fanny pack as one that clips around the waist—not the shoulder. And it should be worn front and center—not to the back or the sides.

What Kind of Fanny Pack Does Joe Rogan Wear?

Joe Rogan loves wearing his Datsusara fanny pack. He claims that the ones made of hemp are more durable than cotton, and he loves that they don’t rip easily.

If you’re interested in wearing your own Joe Rogan fanny pack, Datsusara has two Joe Rogan bags available to purchase, the Joe Rogan hemp utility belt and fanny pack. Rogan also offers a fanny pack on his merch site, Higher Primate, but he’s rebranding the pack as a signature bag


If you were wondering, now you know. Joe Rogan wears a fanny pack because he finds them convenient. He refuses to let society tell him what is and isn’t appropriate for a man to wear, and he doesn’t care much for fashion.

Rogan loves his Datsusara hemp fanny pack for casual use, and when he’s running or going to work.

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