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Why Does Joe Rogan Wear Long Sleeves?

Joe Rogan can be seen wearing the same collection of long-sleeved shirts, especially during his UFC commentary.

He enjoys sporting comfortable long sleeve crew neck tees and button-ups of various colors and patterns — and they seem to always have long sleeves. Many fans wonder why Joe Rogan wears long sleeves… is there something about his arms he wants to hide?

Let’s find out.


As the star of The Joe Rogan Experience podcast, Rogan is the highest-paid podcaster as of 2020. Also known as a beloved commentator for the UFC, Rogan thrives on stirring up controversy. He often shares unpopular opinions with the public and is known for disregarding others’ disapproval.

As a high-profile celebrity, criticism is something Joe Rogan is familiar with. It seems unlikely that Rogan wears sleeves to hide his arms due to insecurity — so why does he wear long sleeves?

Does Joe Rogan Ever Go Sleeveless?

First, let’s clear up any misconceptions.

Joe Rogan does love himself some long sleeves — but he also shows off his arms now and then. For example, there are lots of pictures of Joe Rogan shirtless at the gym or showing off his arms in short sleeves while working.

While long sleeves might be Joe Rogan’s favorite, he doesn’t wear them exclusively.

Why Does Joe Wear Long Sleeves?

Joe Rogan most likely wears long sleeves during UFC events because they give him a slightly more professional look than a casual short-sleeved tee. He often sports short-sleeves when filming for his podcast, and when he wears long sleeves the most likely reason is comfort — but we’ll dive into other possibilities later.

Rogan enjoys sporting a casual look, and he does sometimes wear a T-shirt to UFC events also. Some fans have criticized him online for not even attempting to look nice during these events. These UFC fans believe Rogan has the money to look the part and add credibility to the sport (and to himself).

Maybe Joe has taken a word of advice from his critics, and his long sleeves are his version of dressing up for the occasion.

Fan Speculation

While Rogan has never commented on his love for sleeves, fans are quick to speculate.

Rogan has recently told the public about his vitiligo — an autoimmune condition that causes altered pigmentation. You can see Joe’s vitiligo on his hands since it appears as irregular dark patches on his skin. It’s easy to jump to the conclusion that Joe’s skin condition may have spread to his arms, making him self conscious about showing off his bare limbs. But Joe’s vitiligo only affects his hands and feet.

Joe does have altered pigment on his arms—but instead of an illness, it is a collection of art. Joe’s arms feature two full sleeves of tattoos. The one on his left arm was inspired by a “crazy psychedelic experience,” while the one on his right is a tribal tattoo that he’s never spoken about.

Rogan seems proud of the tattoo sleeve on his left arm, but his lack of explanation about his other tattoo sleeve seems a bit suspicious. Maybe Rogan isn’t fond of his first tattoo and uses long sleeves to hide it from himself and his fans.

Another possibility is that Joe Rogan simply finds long sleeves comfortable.


If you were wondering why Joe Rogan wears long sleeves, now you have your answer. Joe most likely wears long sleeves because he enjoys the experience of long sleeves, however, there are a few other possibilities.

Joe Rogan might wear long sleeves because he is self-conscious about the tattoos on his right arm, or he may wear them as a fashion choice for a slightly less casual look when he’s working.

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