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Why Did Joe Rogan Change His Studio?

“The Texas studio is complete and ready to roll.”

Famous comedian and MMA commentator Joe Rogan recently debuted a photo of his new podcast studio on Instagram. If you’ve been keeping up with Joe’s podcast, the Joe Rogan Experience, the drastic change from his Los Angeles set to a completely new look in Texas was surprising.

While followers of the podcast were seemingly excited for Joe to reveal his new set after its remodel, the completed project was somewhat unexpected. 

Joe’s New Studio

The podcaster recently took to a big move from Los Angeles, California, to Austin, Texas. Regarding the Joe Rogan Experience, his show will go on, only now produced in a fresh setup. Joe kept followers in the know about the remodel of the new podcast studio – posting updates as the set progressed. The reports of its renovation portray crimson red walls with blue lanterns hanging from the ceiling.

While fans were already skeptical of the Texas studio’s look considering the photo of its completion, the release of his first podcast video from inside the new set – featuring Adam Curry – only brought further disappointment.

Fans immediately took to social media to state opinions on Joe’s choice of design. Reddit thread comments regarding the set read judgments like, “I think Joe just loves aliens and UFOs so much now he wants his studio to look like the inside of a craft,” and “It hurts my back just looking at that eyesore.”

YouTube has provided more opinions with creators uploading videos referring to the set as “The Death Star” and explaining why the studio looks so awful. Fans are seemingly missing the old, more neutral set up in Los Angeles, so why did Joe move? 

The Big Move

In Joe Rogan’s podcast episode with guest Joe De Sena, uploaded on July 24, 2020, the star admits that he’s decided to leave California saying, “I’m out of here. I’m moving to Texas.”

Joe mentions his desire to leave is partly due to California’s handling of the COVID-19 pandemic of 2020 alongside the state’s overpopulation problem. “I think where we live right here, in Los Angeles, is overcrowded,” he claims. “It’s a real issue when you look at the number of people that are catching COVID because of this overpopulation issue.”

Not only did he have enough of the population of Los Angeles, but the podcaster also took to mentioning the fact that he was seeking a life with “a little bit more freedom”. He also stated his move to Texas was to pursue his goal of being “somewhere in the middle of the country. Somewhere it’s easier to travel both places.” 

News reporters also believe Joe Rogan’s move may have something to do with the star’s possible break when it comes to income taxes. With Texas having no state income tax, Joe could ultimately save around $13 million by being a resident. 

The Drastic Change

So, Joe decided it was best to flee the crazy life of Los Angeles and move to Texas. Regardless, fans have taken to questioning the design of the new studio itself. Joe seemingly could have picked up his past set and moved it, or even could have renovated his new space to look like the old. Then, why did he decide to change it?

Alongside his change in scenery, Joe was possibly looking to spice things up in the studio as well. Above that, due to the limited amount of time he had before moving – a three-week window – Joe chose to hire outside companies to transform the area.

The two businesses behind the podcast studio’s design were Sound Shed Studios and Wrightsmith Studios, both local companies from Austin. According to Austonia, Joe brought forth a room and handed all creative privilege over to the owner of Sound Shed Studios saying, “I trust you … build this out as if it were your own studio.” 

Joe shed some light on the design in response to the backlash presented by his listeners in the following podcast. He said this.

Folks, relax. We had to bang this together in a month … If you think it sucks, that’s okay. I like it. It’s definitely weird, it’s just a big shock.

The rushed renovation might also explain its unusualness, as the designers may not have known which way to go with the project and had little time to come up with anything better.

Why the designers chose this particular style for the room is unclear. The answer could lie in the idea that a completely new designer indicates a completely new look. Nonetheless, even as fans find it notably disagreeable and continue to comment, the podcaster is evidently happy with his new and improved studio.


Joe Rogan’s studio change may have some fans yearning for his previous Los Angeles layout, but the star has his own agenda. Whether it was because of overpopulation, California’s pandemic obstacles, or saving a buck, Joe’s unfamiliar podcast setup ultimately stemmed from his choice to move to Texas. The room’s new arrangement was entirely placed into the hands of his fellow Texans, providing possible insight on why the look is so drastically different. Addedly, the fresh concept may illuminate Joe’s desire for something new. The studio’s controversial look might have come as a surprise to many; regardless, it’s hopeful that Joe will find what he is searching for out of the Lone Star State.

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