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5 Fabulous Latina Beauty YouTubers

Beauty gurus have been hugely popular on YouTube for many years. Whether you are looking for new makeup inspiration or reviewing a new palette, each of these YouTubers meets your beauty needs in many ways.

In the interest of saving you time from researching on YouTube for hours, here are 5 Latina beauty influencers that will have you hitting their subscriber button!

5 Fanulous Latina Beauty YouTubers

Juicyjas – Jasmine

Juicyjas, also known as Jasmine, is a YouTuber of Puerto Rican and Guatemalan descent. She is very active on her channel where she regularly publishes her videos three times a week. Her content includes videos centered around drugstore makeup looks, morning routines, hauls, and much more!

Do you want to achieve a no-filter, all-natural, soft makeup routine without using any studio lights? This video outlines how to accomplish this look with affordable, drugstore products.

● Location: Pennsylvania, United States
● Videos: 752
● Subscribers: 811,000

Amy Serrano – Amy Serrano

Amy Serrano is an influencer of Mexican and Panamanian descent. She believes in expressing your style and enhancing it. Are you looking to incorporate pops of metallic purple eyeshadow like Selena Gomez? Or a sultry cat-eye look like Camila Cabello? Serrano recreates popular celebrity beauty routines for her following.

Calling all Glossier fans! Serrano’s most notable accomplishment is her collaboration with this beauty brand. By using her discount, you get 10% off and free shipping on cult classic products like Boy Brow and Stretch Concealer.

● Location: Mexico
● Videos: 368
● Subscribers: 363,000

iluvsarahii – Karen Sarahi Gonzalez

If you’re barely starting in the beauty community, this influencer has an informative channel dedicated to creating looks based on cheap, affordable makeup routines. YouTuber iluvsarahii is of Mexican descent and honors her community with these beauty videos. Do you like bold, colorful eyeshadow with pinks and greens? Be sure to check out her videos that show you how to apply makeup like a true artist!

If you love Colourpop cosmetics, Gonzalez has a collaboration with the beauty giant to showcase her affordable lipsticks!

● Location: California, United States
● Videos: 252
● Subscribers: 1,090,000

Desi Perkins – Desi Perkins

Desi Perkins is a talented makeup artist of Mexican descent whose videos showcase an array of versatile beauty routines. Are you afraid of El Cucuy? Face your fears by watching her transformative makeup routine for one of the most popular childhood creatures!

Perkins’ most notable accomplishment includes creating a makeup collab with Dose of Colors.

● Location: California, United States
● Videos: 389
● Subscribers: 3,330,000

Dulce Candy – Dulce Candy Tejada Ruiz

Dulce Candy is a Mexican immigrant and bilingual beauty influencer. Tejada creates beauty videos like celebrity lookbooks and natural skincare. In this video, she highlights all her favorite Sephora trends for the year 2020. Her countless brand collaborations over the years includes a lip palette collaboration with Pixi.

Dulce is a powerful role model for Latina entrepreneurs and YouTubers who are looking for support in the beauty community.

● Location: California, United States
● Videos: 1,091
● Subscribers: 2,180,000


Even if you are new to the beauty community on YouTube, here are five Latina YouTubers that you can start subscribing to. Being a beauty YouTuber is not for the weak—but each haul or makeup inspiration has led these gurus to build their support from viewers like you.

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