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5 Fabulous Latina Fashion YouTubers

Have you ever layered your clothes? I don’t mean layering as in toppling layers upon layers when it’s cold outside.

In today’s terms, layering your clothes means compiling pieces that compliment your outfit so that it’s attractive and eye-catching.

In fact, our fashion trends change so much, how can someone keep up? Luckily, these amazing Latina YouTubers are skilled in tracking today’s fashion trends!

Bethany Mota

Bethany Mota is a YouTuber of Mexican and Portuguese descent. She’s a long-time YouTuber who’s established partnerships and brand deal with companies such as J.C. Penney and Forever 21. But for now, Mota settles on recording last-minute hauls and thrifting videos.

Interested in trying out a new aesthetic? Mota created a fun video transforming herself as a VSCO girl (a fashion trend named after the popular app VSCO). If you like oversized T-shirts, Carmax chapsticks, and Birkenstock’s then check out her video!

● Location: California, United States
● Videos: 427
● Subscribers: 9,900,000

Amy Serrano

Amy Serrano is an influencer of Mexican and Panamanian descent. Fashion is a popular topic on her channel in which she believes in expressing your style and how to enhance it. Who knew you can stylize a simple white tee and jeans in 10 different ways? Serrano creates videos to inspire new outfits with two of the most popular items in your closet.

Are you a fan of Princess Polly? Serrano has a sponsored video dedicated to styling pieces from the popular brand. Her style is based on neutral clothing pieces that are made of satin or soft material.

● Location: Mexico
● Videos: 368
● Subscribers: 363,000

Lauren Giraldo

Lauren Giraldo is considered an Instagram influencer with a large YouTube following. She is of Cuban descent and her videos focus on lifestyle and fashion. If you are unaware, mom jeans have become a big trend for being comfortable and attractive for all body types.

Giraldo created a video on 10 ways to style your mom jeans. Whether you are going for a business casual look or a brunch chic look, Lauren will teach you how to style your mom jeans for any occasion.

● Location: Arizona, United States
● Videos: 147
● Subscribers: 1,010,000

Maria Bethany

Maria Bethany is a Brazilian YouTuber who creates videos based on outfit ideas and haul videos. If there’s one thing that all fashionistas agree on, it’s creating the perfect outfit to feel comfortable and feel confident at the same time.

Bethany has a quick, 8-minute video detailing cute and comfy summer-to-fall outfits for this season.

● Location: California, United States
● Videos: 151
● Subscribers: 673,000

Pam Arias

Pam Arias is an up-and-coming YouTuber of Panamanian descent. She’s collaborated with L’Oreal Beauty and was featured on Vogue Mexico for a fashion spread. Her style is based off a professional and elegant look.

Instead of showing us what she bought, Arias teaches us how to elevate our fashion pieces. In this video, her viewers can learn how to instantly make your outfits visually appealing.

● Location: Florida, United States
● Videos: 5
● Subscribers: 559


In today’ fashion, we look for new ways to evolve our style whether you want to go for a professional look like Lauren Giraldo and Pam Arias. Or perhaps you want to be more causal like Bethany Mota or Amy Serrano. Want to know more about fashion terms to keep up with today’s trends? Be sure to check out more videos from these creators!

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