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Why Did PewDiePie Move To Brighton?

With the world seemingly at his feet and a choice of lavish cities across the world to call home, you would be forgiven for wondering why PewDiePie decided to make the humble UK town of Brighton his home.

Where Is Brighton?

Located on the southeastern coast of England, Brighton has become a popular destination for several YouTubers to reside. Diverse and eclectic, Brighton is 90 minutes from London with excellent transport links and its own vibrancy.

Personal Life

Married to fellow YouTuber Marzia Bisognin since summer 2019, Felix and Marzia were introduced in 2011. First establishing an online relationship before meeting each other in person, the couple travelled extensively between Marzia’s homeland of Italy and Felix’s home in Sweden. But how did England end up being the logical choice for the pair to settle down?

Choosing Brighton

Though many fans have speculated why the couple chose Brighton as their home, both Bisognin and Kjellberg have separately addressed the question. In 2013, PewDiePie took to social media to explain to his fans that he and Marzia wanted to live somewhere close to the sea with a great internet connection.

Felix said he felt that he and his wife could live in relative anonymity in Brighton, which just wasn’t possible in other, more populous cities. In a social media post on his Instagram, PewDiePie also joked that he and Marzia opted for the UK because they were both “too lazy to learn Swedish or Italian”.

Marzia has also tried to answer speculation as to why she and her husband picked Brighton as their hometown. In one of her videos, Marzia explained that when they were deciding where to move, they wanted somewhere between Italy and Sweden.

Felix and Marzia desired somewhere they could feel at peace with the world around them and settle into their new life together. Describing Brighton as having a certain ‘magic’ to it, Marzia credited Brighton as being a place of love, culture and acceptance.


So, simply put, PewDiePie moved to Brighton because it served as the perfect middle ground for him and his wife to feel at home, without needing additional language lessons.

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