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Why Did PewDiePie Stop Playing Minecraft?

As the largest YouTube channel held by an individual, PewDiePie holds significant sway over the internet and what’s considered “popular”. His Minecraft Let’s Play series that he started in mid-2019 is a fantastic example of this, as Minecraft saw a surge of popularity in the wake of PewDiePie’s series.

PewDiePie’s channel also received a tremendous boost thanks to the series. Yet PewDiePie still decided stop the series and stop playing Minecraft. Let’s see why.

Reasons for Stopping

Well, the main source for him stopping is the man himself. PewDiePie gave 2 distinct reasons on social media platforms such as YouTube and Reddit (you can find his answers in the videos LWIAY #0085, LWIAY #00105, and Bye Bye Minecraft – Part 49).

Based on PewDiePie’s statements, we can draw 2 conclusions:

  1. He got tired of the game.
  2. He wanted to prevent his channel from being oversaturated with Minecraft content.


The first reason PewDiePie left his Minecraft series is simple. He brings it up almost every time someone asks the question. He just got tired of Minecraft.

Anyone who has played video games or watched movies knows what it’s like to become tired of a particular genre. PewDiePie is just another human like the rest of us. It makes sense that after almost a full year of Minecraft, he wanted to take a break. He enjoyed the game and it was benefitting his channel. He had his fun, but he felt that it was time to move on.

Protecting His Channel

The second and more interesting of PewDiePie’s reasons was that he wanted to avoid his channel revolving around Minecraft. He didn’t want to lose people who got bored of Minecraft but who still liked watching him. To quote PewDiePie:

This is interesting, because, how do I explain this… cuz this ties into why I never play Minecraft, because Minecraft became so explosively popular, right? And everyone would just play it, and it felt like people were playing it just because it was popular, and not because they were actually [having fun doing it], and people literally based their entire channel around Minecraft (I mean I’d literally done the same, so…).

But… it’s different because for a lot of these channels, that would be it, y’know? They’d play Minecraft, and they can’t move on to something else. But what I always enjoyed with YouTube [was] that I can do different things, and I still have an audience doing different things. Especially back in 2015, like, there were so many big Minecraft channels then, that don’t exist today because their work didn’t translate into other stuff and eventually people [got] bored of it.

That’s not to rip into them, but it’s also one of the reasons why I was like, “well I don’t wanna become like that, that seems awful.”

But then again, here I am.

Y’know, if Minecraft gets boring I can move on to other things.


source video (LWIAY #0085), timestamped

PewDiePie explains it himself well. He was simply protecting his channel’s flexibility and his own freedom to play whatever he wanted to. It’s an intelligent move from an experienced YouTuber. Other channels who failed to change like he did have declined when Minecraft has become less popular.


PewDiePie’s decision to stop playing Minecraft is an example of intelligent self-marketing as well as personal preference. By doing so, he has protected the freshness of his content and his image.

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