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Can PewDiePie Still Speak Swedish?

“I’m more accustomed to English now.” This was a comment made by Felix Kjellberg during a 2014 interview.

Although the YouTube star is Swedish, his insistence on speaking English to his large community and fanbase is just one factor that has made him one of the top YouTubers of all time. But his use of English has made his fans curious about whether or not he can still speak Swedish.

Native Language

Felix was born and raised in Gothenburg, Sweden. Growing up in his home country, Felix would have regularly spoke their official native language, Swedish Svenska, with his family.

Since Sweden also teaches English as a secondary language in school, Felix learned the language at a young age and has since used it during public interviews and his YouTube videos.

Expanded English Use

Since Felix’s entertaining YouTube content reaches his fans worldwide, he choses to speak English in almost all his videos. Felix demonstrates his fluency in English through his video game walkthroughs and commentary videos. Not only that, but Felix and his fiancé at the time, Marzia Bisognin, packed up and moved to Brighton, England, requiring him to speak English even more.

His knowledge and fluency of the English language have grown so much that when looking a little closer, you can see how his Swedish accent from early on has become less prevalent through the years. These factors have led some to question if the YouTube superstar has lost his Swedish language fluency.

Current Use of Swedish

Although Felix prefers to use English as his primary language to communicate with fans, he is still very fluent in his native Swedish. His fluency in this language can be seen in his early interviews when he was still new to his career.

In his first interview in 2012, Pewdiepie speaks with the journalist in perfect Swedish. He does this again in a 2014 interview for a music festival. Additionally, throughout his videos, Felix will sometimes speak in Swedish by saying a phrase or word, which is usually used for comedic purposes.

One YouTube creator even made a compilation of Felix speaking Swedish from early in his career to last year.

Felix has also made two videos where he gives his fans Swedish lessons. In one video, in particular, it shows Felix teaching his viewers very colorful words in Swedish. He also has a video where he teaches another YouTuber and friend, CinnamonToastKen, Swedish phrases.


Even though some suspect that he’s no longer fluent in his native language, this is not the case. Although he may be more accustomed to speaking English, PewDiePie has maintained fluency in Swedish.

Felix is very adaptable. His decisions to speak in either English or Swedish are due to his wishes to connect with his fans from around the world. And it is the skill of being bilingual that has helped Felix become the YouTube star he is.

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