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Did Rosanna Pansino Go to College?

“I was originally introduced to baking as a child by my grandmother,” Rosanna Pansino explained in an interview.

Rosanna Pansino, known as ‘Ro’ by her fans, still bakes, but now for a bigger audience. She makes over $6 million a year for her YouTube channel Nerdy Nummies, which has over 12 million subscribers. That success leaves fans wondering how she got there, especially when modern society points to formal education as the path to a high-paying career. So, what was her path to success, and did Rosanna Pansino go to college?

Early Education

A nerd at heart, Pansino was a studious child. While growing up, she was known as the “nerdy, awkward” kid. She channeled that into her show, naming it after her ‘nerdy’ nickname and covering geeky recipes and topics from gaming, anime, movies, and more.

Perhaps one of the best educations she received as a child was learning to bake from her grandmother. “My grandmother loved baking and because of her, baking has always been a hobby of mine.” She explained in an interview with New Media Rockstars.

High School

Pansino grew up in Seattle, Washington where she studied at West Seattle High School. While there, she participated in her high school’s drama club and theatre.

However, Pansino also struggled with a learning disability. Pansino has dyslexia but explains that her learning disability helped her focus on visual content and clear communication at a young age.


Yes, Pansino did go to college. She attended Pacific Lutheran University, a small private university in Washington State. Like most young adults, at first, she debated what to study. The school explains in an alumni highlight, “Rosanna came to PLU just like a lot of incoming first-years: not too sure what she wanted to study, but with a few ideas in mind. She juggled the ideas of becoming a nurse, or a television reporter, or even an FBI agent.” She eventually settled on acting after taking a required art credit class.

While in college, she also participated in PLU’s cheer squad and did a study abroad in China for a semester. She says these helped her get out of her comfort zone.

Career Pre-YouTube

After her graduation in 2007, Pansino moved to Los Angeles, California to pursue an acting career. Pansino appeared in several TV series like Parks and Recreation, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, and Glee. It was during this time that she starting filming videos for fun, and to practice acting in front of a camera. And in 2010 she started her Nerdy Nummies channel. She originally thought nothing would come of it, but her niche of nerdy baking was novel to YouTube fans and she quickly gained a following.


So, Rosanna Pansino did attend college. And while Pansino may not have needed a degree in acting to create a successful YouTube channel, it certainty helped. Her experiences as the ‘nerdy’ kid growing up, joining drama club in high school, studying abroad to get out of her comfort zone, and learning to be confident in front of a camera all helped her become the YouTube star she is today.

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