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Why Did Terroriser Move to America?

For the average person, moving halfway across the world is only something that is dreamt of, but not for Brian Hanby. He is the opposite of average. Let’s see what caused him to move from Dublin, Ireland to America.

Who is Terroriser

Known as Terroriser on YouTube, Brain has been making gaming videos since 2011. He is originally from Dublin, Ireland and dropped out of college to pursue his YouTube career. Terroriser is known for making gaming videos with his own type of voiceovers where he impersonates famous people such as Arnold Schwarzenegger and all the DC Comics characters.

The Move

In 2019 he started to make multiple hints at moving to America. He made tweets about moving as well as hinting to moving in many of his YouTube videos. He announced that he acquired his United States visa in July of 2019 and moved to Washington state in October of 2019.

Reasons for the Move

The main reason Brian moved halfway across the world was because of his working schedule that he was keeping in Ireland. Since Brians’s usual YouTube videos include him playing video games with other video gamers who are based in the United States, he kept some weird working hours.

A usual day for someone involves waking up in the morning and going to bed in the evening, but this was not the case for Brian. His typical day involved him staying awake, playing videos games and uploading/editing his videos from 7 p.m. to 7 a.m. Brian said this schedule made him very anti-social. But because of the time difference this is what he had to do to keep playing with the guys he played with. He said he usually played video games from 7 p.m. to 4 a.m. and then spent the rest of his working hours uploading and editing those videos to post them.

Relationship with Lanai

Brian began dating the twitch star Lanai Gara, known as MsVixen on the site, in 2015. Ever since their relationship began, Brian was visiting her in the United States and staying with her whenever he would visit. This led to him falling in love with the country. He also wanted to be closer to his girlfriend rather than living halfway across the world.

New Life

Brian has made such a name for himself that he is now also considered a comedian by many. He even played the voice of a character on a show called Paradise P.D. a Netflix original. He is currently working on a new animated series called Alpha Betas. Him and Lanai live together with their two adorable dogs. He has countless sponsorships and spends each day doing what he loves.


It was not a very difficult decision for Brian to make to move to the United States. Not only did he want to be closer to his long-term girlfriend but Terroriser also needed to make the move to the America to advance his YouTube career to the point it’s at now. A normal work schedule has been very beneficial to Brian and his career.

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